Applications of Machine Learning
Discover how Machine Learning and its algorithms are used to solve real-world problems. Machine Learning has enabled everything from weather prediction to recommendation systems to self-driving cars.
Recommendation System - Amazon - Application of ML
By Mayank Goyal
● Published At Feb 2022
This article will discuss the recommendation system and how amazon is currently using it. At last, we will see a basic implementation on the amazon dataset.... Keep reading ..
Self-Driving Cars - Application of ML
By Mandla Dharani
● Published At Dec 2021
In this blog, we discussed self-driving cars followed by reinforcement learning and algorithms required at last we learned some hardware components. ... Keep reading ..
Weather Forecasting - Application of ML
By soham Medewar
● Published At Dec 2021
This blog will explain how Machine Learning helps in weather forecasting. In the implementation part, I will be implementing the small model, which shows the algorithms required for weather forecasting. ... Keep reading ..