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TCS NQT( National Qualifier Test) is one of the biggest entry-level tests conducted by the Indian tech giant Tata Consultancy Services. Now the NQT is conducted quarterly. What makes this test large and competitive is that it can be taken by all the undergraduate, post-graduate and diploma students who are in their pre-final and final year of their college. 

This article will discuss what one should do after the TCS NQT. This article will be beneficial for both types of students who got the selection mail from TCS and also for those who were not able to succeed this time. We shall discuss how to deal in the  NQT interview process and also the roadmap for those who are selected for the TCS Digital profile.

If you have qualified  the TCS NQT

First of all, Congratulations! But the journey is not complete yet. We will first discuss the steps ahead only for those who will appear for the interview for the Ninja profile. The steps for TCS Digital will follow.

The interview for the Ninja profile is likely to be about 25 to 30 minutes. In some cases, it may differ. This will be a combined HR and Technical interview. There will be a variety of questions, and it is important to be ready for those after having cleared the NQT.

Points to keep in mind for the technical part:

  • Get your resume ready. A resume plays a vital role in your selection process. Remember, there are many who have been called for the interview. What distinguishes you from other candidates is your resume. It has a key role to play. If you have done any internships or projects, be sure to mention them. There are plenty of resume builder sites that can be helpful and time-saving. Keep it simple and attractive. Avoid using things that you have not done. You must be ready for any kind of follow-up questions on it. 
  • If you have not created any projects, make sure you do even a basic project. Empty resume does not look good.
  • It's time to enhance your technical skills. Make sure you learn the basic syntax of C and your favorite programming language. Questions on pointers can be expected.
  • Coming to the data structures part, questions are likely to be simple. Please ensure you understand the working of Stack, Queue. You should know the basics about a linked lists. Complicated topics are mostly avoided.
  • Be sure to go through the algorithms of Quick Sort and Merge Sort. You should be aware of the difference between depth-first search and breadth-first search. Ensure that you know the time complexity of some of the popular algorithms.
  • The other topics from which you can expect technical questions are DBMS, OS, and CN.
  • Since you don't have much time, you can surely check out CodingNinjas blogs on these topics, which can help you in quick revision.

Points to keep in mind for HR part:

  • Ensure you are dressed properly. It is not necessary to wear a tie but if possible wear it. Shoes should be neat and clean. It is to be understood that anything which catches the interviewer's attention unnecessarily should be avoided. 
  • Ensure to comb properly.
  • Please enhance your speaking skills. We have used the word "speaking skill" instead of "communication skill." Communication skills take time. However, you would not be having much time. Start reading any English newspaper. Talk in English with any of your friends, relatives.
  • You should learn to be humble. Do not interrupt the interviewer. Let him/her complete. They will provide you with ample time to respond. Try to engage with them. Ask questions if required.
  • You can try mock interviews. There are various resources available on the internet. You can certainly watch the mock interview videos to get clarity on the process.
  • Prepare a good answer for the most popular question, "Tell us about yourself."
  • Do some research on TCS. Maybe you can use your research at some point during your interview.
  • Always make them feel that you are interested in the job and not doing it just for the sake of job security.

If you are selected for the Digital profile

The top scorers in the NQT will be given a chance to appear for the flagship TCS Digital profile.

Those who have received the mail for appearing for the Digital profile will first have to appear in an online test. It consists of questions from verbal ability (20 questions), numerical ability (15 questions), reasoning ability(15 questions) and two medium-level coding questions.

If you qualify for the online test, you are called for an interview(HR/Technical). The interview for Digital profile is more focused on new technologies like machine learning, AI, blockchain, etc. You must be well versed with the concepts of DBMS and OS.

In case you are unable to clear the online test, you still have a chance to appear for the interview of TCS Ninja.

If you have not qualified the TCS NQT

The one thing that makes you better every time is failure. It teaches you to fight and never give up. Remember that the NQT is a quarterly exam, so you don't have enough time to keep thinking about your past experience with the NQT.

Now you know your weakness. Start preparing yourself. Make a proper schedule and prepare the basics of quants. Dedicate yourself to the task.

Things you should do:

  • Be optimistic. You will get another chance soon. 
  • Get your basics correct. Start with the quants portion. Read English newspapers every day. Try speaking English as much as possible. This will simultaneously prepare you for the interview.
  • Keep checking Telegram and LinkedIn. Never ignore any openings. If you are eligible, you must apply.
  • Pick up C language. Coding ninjas can be a great way to learn. 
  • Once you have command over the quants topic, start learning the concepts of DBMS and OS.
  • If you have a passion for coding, never stop coding. If you can enhance your data structures and algorithms skills, it will be very beneficial not just for NQT but also for other companies.
  • Try to do at least two coding questions daily.

You must dedicate yourself to the preparation of. The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Who is eligible for TCS NQT?
    All the undergraduate students, postgraduate students, diploma, who are in their pre-final or final year, and freshers with less than 2 years of experience.
  2. How often is NQT conducted?
    TCS has announced to conduct it quarterly.
  3. Is NQT only for TCS?
    No. The NQT score is valid for two years and there are various companies that consider NQT score for hiring candidates. The list of companies is available on the NQT website.
  4. What are the topics that one should focus on for NQT?
    Focus on verbal ability, numerical ability, reasoning ability and some simple coding problems.

Key takeaways 

  • TCS NQT is a quarterly test held to hire freshers in various companies.
  • After qualifying the NQT, one must prepare for the interview.
  • It is important to have a good resume and good communication skills to ace the interview.
  • Having an understanding of the basics of DBMS, OS can really help one stand out.
  • It is important to realise that even if you are not successful in your attempt, you should try again. This exam is not very tough.

Happy Learning!


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