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Kushleen Waraich
Last Updated: Aug 25, 2022


NQT score provides a candidate with both the certification and freedom needed. The NQT series is a standardised way of assessing how skilled candidates are, thus offering all the validation companies need when hiring these individuals. This is especially true for the Subject NQTs and the Industry NQTs. The overall marks from these tests evaluate a candidate’s technical prowess in the field or subject.

This allows big corporations to employ candidates with NQT scores without haste. Many companies do not even need to evaluate your technical skills any further and can depend on what you bring to the table with the help of NQT scores. NQTs have set benchmarks that have made joining entry-level jobs as simple as it can be. According to TCS iON, Over 64,000 NQT certified individuals have joined companies such as TCS, Tata Electronics, TVS, Vedantu, Ramco and many more. Let’s check how you can reap the benefits of your NQT score.

Applying To Companies After Getting NQT Score

There are no particular score criteria (or pass criteria) for the NQT examinations. Thus, this makes each company’s selection or eligibility criteria different. You must keep this in mind while giving the exams that the better you score, the better job opportunities you will receive. Your score represents your performance in either the Cognitive Skills test or the Subject/Industry test. Thus, employers will generally always have specific criteria when hiring for particular job roles.

With the help of TCS iON, there are fundamentally two things that you can do once you get your NQT score:

  • Retake any NQT in order to fetch a better score if you feel like you have not got satisfactory results.
  • Apply to companies through the TCS iON portal.

Only the best score of the candidate is mentioned in TCS iON’s scorecard, thus, there is no need to worry if you find your score unsatisfactory. One can reappear for the NQTs as many times as they wish, however, only candidates with less than 3 years of work experience are recommended to take the NQTs.

Apart from that, once you appear for the NQT and get your results, these scorecards will be valid for 2 years. This also provides an ample amount of opportunity to wait for the job role of your choice or to apply for an open position in your dream company.

But first, let’s talk about how you can apply to companies directly with the help of TCS iON job listings. TCS iON has a highly active job portal that regularly features massive companies such as TCS, Reliance, TVS, Tata (companies) and others. Once candidates receive their NQT scores, they become eligible to apply to any job listing they like through this job portal.

For example, Tata Elxsi is hiring software engineers through TCS iON and Reliance is hiring HR executives. You can easily browse through these jobs and filter them by your expected salary or the industry of your choice. After you finish your NQTs, TCS iON does not send your score to companies, thus, you must apply to these companies yourself. Ensure that your profile is 100% complete and if there are any changes that you need to make, you can do so by logging in to your profile from the TCS NQT 2021 registration link.

If you have your older TCS NQT 2021 login credentials, you can use that as well to search for jobs. If you are still a student, you can also filter the job listings according to employment type and look for internships or part-time jobs.

Waiting For Your Dream Job

NQT scores empower you by validating your abilities, thus allowing you to be more confident about your career. If you wish to not join any job role from TCS iON’s job portal, you can wait for your dream job to pop up in the portal or you can even find it outside TCS iON. For example, you can look for jobs on other job boards and simply use your NQT registration number when applying. This will allow companies to look up your NQT score, making them more likely to hire you. You can even wait for your dream company to conduct off-campus or on-campus interviews and use your scores there.

Or, you can directly apply to these companies through their individual job portals. Most major companies also hold recruitment drives once or multiple times a year, giving you an ample amount of opportunities to apply for jobs that you like. Dozens and dozens of companies accept NQT scores and depending on how you have scored, you can easily fetch yourself a great entry-level job. And like mentioned above, the NQT score is valid for 2 years, so you can wait for a bit while studying or working and only apply for a job when the right opportunity gets presented in front of you.

If you have already got your TCS NQT 2021 results and you are wondering if you should take up one of the easily attainable jobs or wait for the right one, you can definitely wait a bit more, especially if you are already working in a company or if you are in your final year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the companies that accept NQT scores?

Companies such as TCS, TVS, Reliance and many others accept NQT scores.

What is the best score for TCS NQT?

There is no best score for TCS NQT as every company has their specific requirements. However, for the exams themselves, the full score is the best score.

What happens if you clear TCS NQT?

You get a scorecard from a standardised evaluation system that validates your abilities. You can then use this score for applying to companies.

When is the TCS NQT 2022?

Like last year’s TCS 2021 date, the exam will start in December. The exact date will be announced later.

What is the TCS NQT 2022 eligibility criterion?

The TCS NQT 2022 eligibility criteria are the same as the NQT 2021 eligibility criteria. Graduates from any field, as well as students in their final year, can all sit for the NQTs

Can I change my examination mode?

Yes, you can do so from the application page in the TCS iON portal. However, after the closure date of your application, you cannot change it anymore.

How will I get my score?

Once your NQT is completed, the scorecards are sent to your registered email address.

How can I apply for jobs after NQT?

You can apply for whichever job you like through the TCS iON job portal.

Do scores get sent to companies after NQT?

No, your scores do not get sent by TCS iON and are only provided to companies who ask for them.


The NQT is a great way for candidates to get employed in major corporations. If you have missed the TCS NQT 2021 registration last date, you can still register for the 2022 NQT till the first or second week of December. So, why wait? Sit for the NQT of your choice and get ahead in your career. By understanding and following the TCS NQT 2021 syllabus, you can easily get a satisfactory score in TCS NQT 2022. You can apply from here.

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