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Wolters Kluwer Interview Experience for Fresher SDE - Intern, Jan 2021

Posted: 21 Apr 2021
Interview Rounds
Application Process

Interview Process

Online Coding Test

60 minutes
20 Jan 2021

Round 1  was a coding round of 60 min which started around 5:30PM in which 2 problem statements were given. The questions were based on Array and linked list. The platform used for test was coding which was user friendly and which use to display number of test cases passed and some test cases were hidden.

Deletion in Circular Linked List

You are given a Circular Linked List of integers, and an integer, 'key'.

You have to write a function that finds the given key in the list and deletes it. If no ...

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Move All Negative Numbers To Beginning And Positive To End

You are given an array 'ARR' consisting of 'N' integers. You need to rearrange the array elements such that all negative numbers appear before all positive numbers.

Follow Up:
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Round - 2


6 months
Java, Data Structure, OPPS, SQL, SDLC, Networking, Testing
Preparation Tip

Tip 1 : Read well the job profile, company background and skill requirements and prepare accordingly. 
Tip 2 : Whatever topic you are preparing don't just study to finish the topic but study to understand it because interviewers often deep dive and ask questions, make sure you basics are getting cleared.
Tip 3 : Solve Aptitude questions, coding problems as much as possible.

Application Process

Above 65% in 10th,12th, degree
Resume Tip

Tip 1 : Write optimal yet powerful summary. 
Tip 2 : Highlight your education,internships, projects, certifications.
Tip 3 : Do mention technologies in which you worked on in your internship, projects. 
Tip 4 : If you don't have any internship/project(any one will work fine but both are big plus) done go and get some work done and make your hands dirty and then put it in your resume. 
Tip 6 : Avoid writing long statements.
Tip 7 : Honesty is the best policy.

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