Samsung Interview Experience for Fresher SDE - Intern, Aug 2019

Posted: 17 Nov 2020
Interview Rounds
Application Process

Interview Process

Online Coding Interview

180 minutes
2 Aug 2019

The round had 3 problems to solve. There were multiple sets and each candidate had a different set of problems to solve.
- Timing: Afternoon (2pm - 5 pm)
- Environment: In a college environment with invigilators present to avoid any bad practices.

Find Path

You are given a tree with 'N' nodes with 'N' - 1 distinct edge. You are also given two nodes 'N1' and 'N2'. You have to find and print the shortest path between ...

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Count Leaf Nodes

You are given a Binary tree. You have to count and return the number of leaf nodes present in it.

A binary tree is a tree data structure ...

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Round - 2


3 months
Data Structures and Algorithms, Object-Oriented Programming, Operating Systems, Competitive Programming, Computer Networks
Preparation Tip

Tip 1 : Competitive programming plays a major role when you are appearing for coding rounds as a fresher. In the coding rounds, you won't get direct problems copied from Geeksforgeeks or Leetcode. You would be required to use your logical thinking to go ahead in the process. This is where competitive programming helps.

Tip 2 : Coding rounds are all about Coding + Timing. Most people fail to excel due to the pressure of a timer ticking on your head. So, instead of just solving problems, try to participate in timed contests. This will help you be used to the pressure of the timer.

Tip 3 : Many big companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and even Google expect you to be good at standard problems. So, once you are done with coding round by your logical skills and competitive programming, you must be well versed with some standard problems in order to excel.

Tip 4 : Patience is the key to success. The internships and placements are a little luck-based. You may fail despite being an amazing programmer due to the pressure of situations. It's important to give yourself time, stay calm, and learn from your mistakes. 

Tip 5 : Do at least 1 good project for internship and 2 good projects for placement interviews.

Tip 6 : Your practice is not defined by the number of problems you solve. It is defined by how you solve the problem. Memorizing 500 problems may not get you a job. But understanding the concept and DSA behind 200 problems may make you excel and help you get a job at Google.

Application Process

Resume Tip

Tip 1 : Make it short, crisp, and simple. It is always good to have a 1 pager resume. 

Tip 2 : Resume must comprise of the following: Educational Qualifications, Technical skills, Projects, Work experience (if any), Achievements. Other than this, you may include some extra co-curricular achievements.

Tip 3 : Keep a balance in your resume. A resume having 6-7 projects and no DSA skills are not good. Similarly, a resume full of competitive programming achievements is not good. A resume must have both in a balanced way. 3-4 projects is more than sufficient.

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