Phone Pe Interview Experience for Fresher Software Development, Sep 2020

Posted: 18 Nov 2020
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Aayush Garg
Computer Science Engineering
7.7 CGPA


1+2 months (rigorous practicing)
1. C++ basic Coding + Data structures knowledge (learned during the two years of college Courses + Coding Ninjas course of C++ introduction and C++ data structures) 2. OOPs + Pointers (best and complete material for interviews is available at Geeks for geeks) 3. Dynamic programming and Recursion best explained in (Coding Ninjas course) + (Youtube channel of Aditya Verma if you want free material ) 4. Graphs , Hashmaps and Priority Queues (again I found Coding Ninjas course to be super amazing) 5. Operating system + DBMS(theory part) (I found best material of Gate smashers (youtube channel)) 6. Networking (just required for very few companies) (I liked TutorialsPoint tutorials a lot (very concise and to the point ))
Preparation Tip

Tip 1 : Practice atleast(easy and medium questions from leetcode under(Top Interview Questions)) and all the questions from Gfg under(must to do coding questions for interviews))
Tip 2 : Don't learn each and every question you solved but try to solve question in a way that you can solve its variation during interviews
Tip 3 : Do one project(one is enough) which you can explain with full technical details (why you used this technology, and all logics you applied in implementation) 
Tip 4: Atleast read the round 1 (Coding round) Archives from (Geeks for geeks or Glassdoor). To get your mind prepared for the types of questions that company usually asks.(Coding round is the toughest Step in the whole Process to clear)

Application Process

CGPA above 6 and no backlogs (there was no branch criteria for eligibility)
Resume Tip

Tip 1: Have at least one project which you have made yourself and you should know all the technical questions related to that project (I feel project domain hardly matters like web development or android or ML/AI)
Tip 2: You should Put only those skills in resume :
1. Which the company requires (eg if you know company doesn't require Networking domain knowledge so 
don't include it unnecessary if you are not much confident in it)
2. For on campus internships resume shortlisting is very easy so don't add anything unnecessary which might 
cause you pain during interview.

Interview Process

Round 1

90 minutes
Round Type:
Online Coding Interview
17 Sep 2020

3 coding Questions:
1st : Easy question based on simple loop iteration
2nd :Medium level Dp question 
3rd : Medium level tree question(where we were not just required to complete the tree function but to build whole bst from 

It was conducted from 1:30 - 3:00 pm.
The coding platform was very good (as auto indentation and auto completion of brackets...

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Storyteller and the Child

The exact statement was something of story type so i just remember the crux of that story:there was a kid who hears story from someone by paying him some money for every story and the storyteller tells him a extra story for every X amount of stories that the child can remember. Now its given that the child remembers the story once he hears that and don't forget it .Given : Initial amount child ...

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Selling Stock

You have been given stock values/prices for N number of days. Every i-th day signifies the price of a stock on that day. Your task is to find the maximum profit which you can make...

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Minimum time to burn a Tree starting from a Leaf node

You have been given a binary tree of N unique nodes and a Start node from where the tree will start to burn. Given that the start node will always exist in the tre...

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This was a completely technical coding round where I was asked to solve the problems of data structures.
The codepad where i was asked to code was fine,
The interviewer was very friendly and was helpful and understanding.
I also asked him about his work and experience in the company and some other questions.

Given a matrix mXn with integers filled in it. I was required to find the maximum path sum in the matrix starting from any element of the matrix. The condition as that I was allowed to move only right or down from any index(i,j).

You have been given an N*M matrix filled with integer numbers, find the maximum sum that can be obtained from a path starting from any cell in the first row to any cell in the last row.

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It was held on Gmeet platform
The interviewer was very experienced person and was very nice too.
He made me comfortable by first introducing himself in a very detailed way and then asking me mine introduction
Since I feel that his internet connection was not very good so he turned off his camera but I decided not to turn off mine as in online interviews your face reviles your confidenc...

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