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Microsoft Interview Experience for Fresher Software Developer, Mar 2020

Posted: 15 Dec 2020
Interview Rounds
Application Process

Interview Process

Online Coding Test

75 minutes
29 Mar 2020

This was the coding round which consisted of three coding questions and the time limit was of 75 minutes. The platform used was Co-Cubes. 3 questions were asked of 2, 3 and 5 marks respectively with varying difficulty.

Nearest Multiple of 10

You have been given an integer 'N'. Find the nearest multiple of 10 to the given integer 'N'.

If there are multiple answers, find the sma...
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Day of the Week

Write a function that calculates the corresponding day of the week for any particular date in the past or future.

For example, for the date 28th August 2020 ha...

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Delete N nodes after M nodes of a linked list

You have given a singly linked list and two integers 'N' and 'M'. Delete 'N'...

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Round - 2


6 months
DSA, DBMS, OOPS, OS, TOC and to some extent CN
Preparation Tip

Tip 1 : I would suggest practicing as many questions on data structures and algorithms as you can because it is the question practice that would help you in building your concepts strong. I practiced a lot of questions on InterviewBit and completed all modules of data structures and algorithms because there you can find the recent interview questions that you should know. 
Tip 2 : If you have time for your interviews, I would recommend going through Leetcode as it has a good variety of questions sorted on topic wise difficulty level where you can try to solve at least 20-30 questions for each data structure and algorithm. Moreover, you should regularly participate in the weekly contests happening there so that you could know about your weak areas to improve.
Tip 3 : Along with coding you should be clear about some basic concepts of Operating systems and Databases that would help in your interviews. One more thing is that do some good research about the company's goal and vision and be prepared to ask some company-related queries that show your interest in the company.

Application Process

6.0 CGPA
Resume Tip

Tip 1 : Your Resume should consist of mainly skills, projects, and achievements. Projects would play a crucial part in your interview and you should have at least one most relevant and good project that shows how strong your concepts are in development. 
Tip 2 : The most important tip is that never lie on your resume and like If you have worked upon some technology for the project part only and don't know the proper depth you could write basics only in your resume.

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20 Dec 2020

What's the CTC?


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