Microsoft Interview Experience for Experienced SDE - 1, Nov 2017

Posted: 26 Nov 2020
Interview Rounds
Application Process

Interview Process

Online Coding Interview

45 minutes
22 Nov 2017

It was an online round hosted on cocubes. It consisted of 3 coding questions only and the duration of the test was 45 mins. 
The test link with a unique id and password was sent to the email 1 day prior to the test day. It consisted to platform specification, sample test etc.

On the day of test, we were given a time slot of 5pm - 11pm. We could attempt the test as per our comfort...

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Add two numbers represented by linked lists

You have been given two singly Linked Lists, where each of them represents a positive number without any leading zeros.

Your task is to add these two numbers and print...

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Maximum Subarray Sum

You are given an array (ARR) of length N, consisting of integers. You have to find the sum of the subarray (including empty subarray) having maximum sum among all subarrays.

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Sum of leaf nodes at maximum level

You have been given a binary tree of integers. Your task is to calculate the sum of all the leaf nodes which are present at the deepest level of this binary tree. If there are no such nodes, prin...

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Round - 2


3 months
Data Structures, Algorithms, System Designs, Operating Systems, DBMS
Preparation Tip

Tip 1 : Be solid with the basics of Ds, Algo. Good to have end to end projects which are hosted on cloud.
Tip 2 : Its always good to be presentable and have good communications skills
Tip 3 : Be honest, clear in approach and always walkthrough your thought process to the interviewer

Application Process

Min 7.5 CGPA was required
Resume Tip

Tip 1 : Mention your projects and experience at the top. Be clear on what was done, a brief on how it was done, language /tech stack involved. If possible try to host and make it accessible. You never know if you can present it with just one click.
Tip 2 : Choose a balance between, white spaces and text, it should be well indented, no grammatical errors.
Tip 3 : It takes less than 2 min to scan a resume. Don't mention things which are irrelevant.

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