Microsoft Interview Experience for Fresher SWE Intern, Aug 2020

Posted: 21 Nov 2020
Interview Rounds
Application Process

Interview Process

Online Coding Test

90 minutes
6 Aug 2020

Test took place in the afternoon and the environment was so terrifying. Obviously, it would be because it was a subjective coding test. The test had it's webcam on, we were not allowed to go out of the frame. 3 coding questions were there - 1 easy, 1 medium and 1 hard.

Nth element of modified fibbonacci series

You have been given two integers ‘X’ and ‘Y’ which are the first two integers of a series and an integer ‘N’. You have to find the Nth number of the series using the Fibonacci rule given by f(...

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Euler Totient

You are given an integer 'N'. Your task is to count the number of integers between 1 and 'N' both inclusive which are coprime to 'N'.

Two numbers are coprime if their greatest comm...
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Dice throw

You are given D dice, each having F faces numbered 1 to F, both inclusive. The task is to find the possible number of ways to roll the dice together such that the sum of face-up numbe...

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Round - 2


5 months
Data Structures, Object-Oriented Programming, Algorithms, Dynamic programming, Graphs, Operating Systems and Database Management System.
Preparation Tip

Tip 1: Find a good course, and first clear all your fundamentals and implementation of every data structure. You should be thorough with their time as well as space complexities. 
Tip 2: Upon clearing the fundamentals, select a platform where you have a large no of questions, also whose test cases are good. eg. LeetCode, InterviewBit or Codezen. Go and complete 300-400 questions.
Tip 3: Also whenever you're not able to solve the problem, check out the editorial and then re-attempt it again. Also, check the discussion if there is some good solution to the same problem. 
Tip 4: Most important : Compete with people on some online coding platform such as Codechef, codeforces or leetcode. It would help you in gaining a lot of interesting concepts and also improve your thinking skills.
Tip 5: Object-oriented programming is a must. One should study this as interview always asks from this domain.
Tip 6: Practicing and minimizing complexities after every solution will help you in gaining better understanding towards the question.

Application Process

Resume Tip

Tip 1: 1-2 page resume is good for a fresher.
Tip 2: Resume should contain facts, numbers, and data comparison.
Tip 3: Concise description of the projects attracts the interviewer.
Tip 4: Technical achievements in the field you're applying to, would be good.
Tip 5: DO NOT FAKE THINGS, the interviewer is smart enough.

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