Microsoft Interview Experience for Fresher SDE - 1, Aug 2020

Posted: 10 Dec 2020
Interview Rounds
Application Process

Interview Process

Online Coding Test

90 minutes
6 Aug 2020

This round consists of 3 coding questions with a total time limit of 90 minutes. The first two questions were of easy level and the third question was of medium level. No two candidates had the same set of questions, the distribution of questions was random. The test was conducted on mettl platform with both audio and video on for monitoring on the candidate.

Running median

You are given a stream of 'N' integers. For every 'i-th' integer added to the running list of integers, print the resulting median.

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Fruits and Baskets

There are ‘n’ fruit trees...

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Dice Throws

You are given D dice, each having F faces numbered 1 to F, both inclusive. The task is to find the possible number of ways to roll the dice together such that the sum of face-up numbe...

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Round - 2


4 months
C++, Data Structures, Dynamic Programming, Algorithms, Operating Systems, Object Oriented Programming, Database Management System
Preparation Tip

Tip 1 : Having a grip over Data Structures and Algorithms is very important. Have your concepts crystal clear and then pick one coding platform( for example, leetcode, InterviewBit, CodeZen, GeeksForGeeks) and try to practice around 7-10 questions everyday with varying difficulty and different topics. I completed around 200+ questions on leetcode, 200+ questions on geeks for geeks and around 30-40 problems on InterviewBit.
Tip 2 : After writing code for a particular question try to analyze its time and space complexity. Think about how you can optimize your code further. Also refer to the editorials and compare your solution with it. Interviewers ask a lot about further code optimization. Hence, instead of trying to solve more and more problems, try to analyze a question completely and understand the concept behind them. 
Tip 3 : Along with coding, study about OOPS. Coding Ninja's Data Structures and Algorithms course helped a lot in preparing the OOPS concepts specifically. Also, OS and DBMS must also be studied. You can refer to GeekForGeeks articles for these topics.
Tip 4 : Keep participating in coding contests. It helps you increase your speed. I participated in almost every Leetcode Weekly Contest which helped me keeping the track of my improvement.

Application Process

Above 8 CGPA
Resume Tip

Tip 1 : Do not fake any skills, projects or achievements. The interviewer gets to know about it by asking questions to you.
Tip 2 : You do need to have a long list of projects. Any 1 good project with proper knowledge of it will also do good. Similarly, you do need to have many skills to be listed down. Few skills but with proper knowledge is great.
Tip 3 : Try to write achievements which proves your technical skills, communication skills, leadership quality or teamwork.

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