Jumbotail Interview Experience for Fresher Data Analyst, May 2021

Posted: 7 Jan 2022
Interview Rounds
Application Process

Interview Process


20 minutes
4 May 2021

Received a sudden call from one of the interviewers (Came to know this later as first round interview was with the same person). No background disturbances, but they took me by surprise.

General Questions

They asked about the internship experiences, technical knowledge(What I was comfortable in), SQL basic questions like order of query etc., some statistics related questions such as mean median mode and their application differences.

Round - 2


1.5 months
SQL - Basics and Advanced, Guesstimates, Puzzles, Problem Solving, Case Studies, Basic statistics knowledge, Company related informations
Preparation Tip

Tip 1 : Extensively practice on SQL, SQL queries, extracting data, different types of joins as I had to solve and extract specified data from a dataset in front of the interviewer during the interview. Also, there is a telephonic pre-interview round that is focussed on SQL and Statistics basics. You need to clear that to move to the interviews.
Tip 2 : Practice lots of guesstimates, puzzles, problem solving and Case studies. Guesstimates may include questions like estimating the total area under warehouses in a specific region (I was asked something similar to this). 
Tip 3 : Extensively read about the company, JD and the core values of the company. They seem to focus extensively on these values and you need to prove that you fit within them.
Tip 4 : Be really cool, confident and you need to know even the tiniest details of your project work. Grinding on projects and tech skills are a part of all interview rounds.

Application Process

No Criteria
Resume Tip

Tip 1 : Clean and Concise, only put things that you are very much comfortable in answering even to the tiniest details.
Tip 2 : Heavy focus on technical Skills. Mention the exact tech skills and project work/tech you used on those projects because they really pay attention to every nook and corner of your resume. Include you extra-curriculars as this is extremely important during the interview process. They will ask you to mention/describe situations where you showcased a particular skill (for hints related to these, refer to the core values section of their website.)

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