Virtuas Interview Experience for Fresher SDE - 1, Aug 2020

Posted: 19 Mar 2021
Interview Rounds
Application Process

Interview Process

Online Coding Interview

90 minutes
4 Aug 2020

This round consisted of two coding questions.

Remove Consecutive Duplicates From String

You are given a string 'STR' consisting of lower and upper case characters. You need to remove the consecutive duplicates characters, and return the new string.

Example :
For a give...
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Intersection of Linked List

You are given two Singly Linked List of integers, which are merging at some node of a third linked list.

Your task is to find the data of the node at which merging starts. If ...

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Round - 2


6 months
Python, SQL ,Data Structures, algorithms, Object-Oriented Programming System concepts, Database Management System, Operating System, Networking , aptitude
Preparation Tip

Tip 1 : Prepare for company-wise interview questions according to the company in which you are applying.
Tip 2 : Try to write the code yourself and if got stuck in between then take help from the internet. I recommend you Codezen of Coding Ninjas for practicing Data Structures and Algorithms based questions.
Tip 3 : Do practice lot of data structures based questions as these are the most important part of the interview in product based company. Also, I used Codezen of Coding Ninjas to solve questions as there you can found questions topic wise with difficulty level also. So I recommend that.
Tip 4 : Do practice a lot of data structures questions as mostly questions in interviews are based on them.
Tip 5 : Also, do prepare for projects mentioned in your resume and skills which you have mentioned. Coding ninjas has a big hand in making my interview clear as I have taken a course from the coding Ninjas which helped me a lot to make my concepts clear

Application Process

Above 8 CGPA
Resume Tip

Tip 1 : Be sure 100% of what you write in your resume and prepare for that before the interview what is written on resume.
Tip 2 : I guess there are three most important things in your resume, your skills, projects & experience
Tip 3 : Try to build a simple, expressive & genuine resume. By genuine I mean don't put things that you are not confident of, first be confident then put it.
Tip 4 : Mention your projects that are most relevant to the job position which you are applying for and that which you are most knowledgeable about.

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