Providence Global Center LLP Interview Experience for Fresher Software Engineer, Aug 2020

Posted: 22 May 2021
Interview Rounds
Application Process

Interview Process

Online Coding Interview

135 minutes
28 Aug 2020

The test window was open from 2:00 p.m. to 05:30 PM IST on 28th of August 2020.We were also given a chance to take a practice test to know about working of the platform .It was a Proctored Assessment .The test platform was HackerEarth and there were around 28 MCQs, 1 programming question, and 2 SQL queries. MCQs majorly focused on OS, DBMS, C++, OOPS concepts.

Two Sum

You are given an array of integers 'ARR' of length 'N' and an integer Target. Your task is to return all pairs of elements such that they add up to Target.


We cannot use ...
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SQL Questions

Write a query to find names of the customers who have purchased less than or equal to one product. Order the output by customer name. Given customer table with customer id and customer name , product table with product id , corresponding customer id and product name.

Write a query to find average marks of each class using the given table. The output should be rounded off to 4 decimal plac...

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Round - 2


4 Months
Programming Languages: C,C++,Core JAVA, python(Beginner),Operating Systems, Data Structures and Algorithms , OOPs concepts, Dynamic programming, DBMS(queries), Computer Networks, Software development Methodologies.
Preparation Tip

Tip 1 : Try to get good grip on basics , never jump into advanced concepts unless you are clear with the basic subject.
Tip 2 : Always have every main concept that is included in your core curriculum ( for a cs student) covered, make sure you 
have idea about it and where you can apply it.
Tip 3 : Try to work on and know more about trending or booming technologies.
Tip 4 : Have short term goals when it comes to coding. Consider a topic for once ( like strings , pointers , dp etc.) and try to 
cover maximum variety of problems possible in a reasonable period of time.
Tip 5 : Try to search for tricky pseudo codes online and guess the outputs.
Tip 6 : Give mock interviews before hand and also gather information about the company you have applied to.

Application Process

Above 9 CGPA, female candidates only.
Resume Tip

Tip 1 : Do include only known and worked on concepts in your resume .Do not bluff or exaggerate.
Tip 2 : Our resume needs to show that we are flexible and have not just worked on a single domain. So try to do and add 
at least 2 projects to your resume that too of different domains.
Tip 3 : Resume needs to look professional do not include a lot of personal details.
Tip 4 : Career Objective is something that is unique and written on your own and not copied from any website or peers 
Tip 5 : A single page or 1 and a half page of resume would do good. Include certifications of any forefront technologies if possible

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