Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Interview Experience for Fresher SDE - 1, Oct 2020

Posted: 31 Oct 2020
Interview Rounds
Application Process

Interview Process

Online Coding Interview

50 minutes
3 Oct 2020

Online test. The test consisted of two parts-
Timing- Morning 10-10:50. The platform used was TCS ION. 
English: 15 questions in 10 minutes. Questions were from topics such as synonym/antonym, critical thinking, passage-based questions. The level of the questions was from easy to medium. 
Aptitude: 25 questions in 40 minutes. Questions were from Simple Interest, Profit Loss, ...

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Round - 2


4 months
Data Structures, Pointers, OOPS, Algorithms, Dynamic Programming, DBMS, Operating System, System Design, Computer Networks, Machine Learning, C++, Python
Preparation Tip

Tip 1 : Be thorough with your basics - Data Structures and Algorithms, Pointers, DBMS,OOPS,OS etc.
Tip 2 : Practice Competitive Programming. Improve your programming skills. (Take data structures course from CN. That's enough for cracking any service based or product based company). Practice questions from Leetcode/Codechef/Codeforces.
Tip 3 : Be confident in your answers. You should not fumble while giving answers.
Tip 4: Also have a good practice on aptitude. Managing time during the test is also an important skill.
Tip 5: Have good projects on recent technologies(ML/Web D/Blockchain/Analytics etc). Have in depth knowledge about the project as the interviewer can go deep and can ask difficult questions on projects as well. 
Tip 6: Start your preparation as early as possible and work on your communication skills as well.

Application Process

Above 6 CGPA
Resume Tip

Tip 1: Mention good projects.
Tip 2: Write the things about which you're 100% sure that you can answer questions from those things.
Tip 3: Do not try to go high profile by mentioning too many skills/projects/extra curriculars on resume.

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