Newgen Software Interview Experience for Fresher SDE - 1, Nov 2020

Posted: 4 Jan 2021
Interview Rounds
Application Process

Interview Process

Online Coding Interview

100 minutes
17 Nov 2020

The complete test will be Audio and Video Proctored, Please be available in front of the camera throughout the test duration. Assessment login details will be sent to the candidate’s registered email id prior to assessment. The Aptitude 25 questions - 35 Minutes, English 25 questions - 30 Minutes, Technical 25 questions - 35 Minutes. Those who clear the first test would have a second test of Ps...

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Aptitude Questions

This section consists of 25 questions from the topics like algebra, probability, permutation & combination, time & work, time, speed & distance, arithmetic, percentages, profit & loss, HCF, LCM, geometry, etc. The technical section involved questions from Computer Programs, DS & Basic algorithms, and C programming.

Round - 2


4 months
Data structures, Algorithms, Object-oriented programming, Database management system, Python, Django, Machine Learning, web technologies, Problem-solving, Aptitude
Preparation Tip

Tip 1 : Strengthen DSA skills initially, know the basics and understand the working of different data structures
Tip 2 : Learn to implement them and enhance your coding skills. Make mistakes and learn from them instead of just cramming everything before practicing. 
Tip 3 : To enhance coding skills, try your best to crack a question instead of giving up and looking at the solution..this will improve your problem-solving skills.
Tip 4 : It's a must to do the standard coding questions under every category of data structure and algorithms
Tip 5 : To study the topics and practice coding questions refer to GeeksforGeeks and regularly take part in coding contests.
Tip 6 : Be thorough with OOPs, DBMS, and the technologies on which you have worked for the interview.
Tip 7 : Have at least 2 projects in your resume and make sure you can answer the questions related to them.
Tip 8 : For HR interviews prepare questions, prepare questions such as introduce yourself, your strengths, your weakness.
Confidence is the key you need to be an expert in. I was not aware of some things the interviewer asked during my interviews. But due to my confidence, he skipped that part.
Tip 9 : Be in formals with the properly ironed dress, and try to join 5 minutes early than the joining time. It will have a positive affect.

Application Process

Above 8+ CGPA
Resume Tip

Tip 1 : Make sure your resume fits everything into a single page. 
Tip 2 : Have at least 2 projects on your resume. 
Tip 3 : Only Mention only those technical skills that you are confident in. Do not put false things on your resume. 
Tip 4 : Mention the work you have done during your internships. 
Tip 5 : Include an objective in your resume.

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