Cuemath Interview Experience for Fresher SDE - 1, Oct 2020

Posted: 9 Apr 2021
Interview Rounds
Application Process

Interview Process

Online Coding Test

135 minutes
5 Oct 2020

There was no sectional time limit for the coding questions.The test was online with audio and video both on for continuous monitoring.

N-th Term Of GP

You are given the first term (A), the common ratio (R) and an integer N. Your task is to find the Nth term of the GP series.

The gener...

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Cube of a matrix

Given an M x N sized 2D array 'MATRIX', return the (i * i + j * j) value for elements in which the sum of cube of digits of the e...

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Round - 2


2 months
Data Structures, Algorithms, OOPS, Operating System, Database Management, C++, or Java (proficient in anyone) Computer Networks, Operating System, Software Engineering, System Design
Preparation Tip

Tip 1 : If you have time for your interviews, I would recommend going through Leetcode as it has a good variety of questions sorted on topic wise difficulty level where you can try to solve at least 20-30 questions for each data structure and algorithm. Moreover, you should regularly participate in the weekly contests happening there so that you could know about your weak areas to improve.
Tip 2 : Practice DSA everyday and make sure that you are giving timed mock tests periodically.
Tip 3 : Keep revising your Computer Science fundamentals(OS, DBMS, Software Engineering principles).
Tip 4 : Also brush-up your aptitude skills.

Application Process

Above 60%
Resume Tip

Tip 1 : The most important tip is that never lie on your resume and like If you have worked upon some technology for the project part only and don't know the proper depth you could write basics only in your resume.
Tip 2 : Customize your resume for a company based on their Job Description (highlight necessary skills)
Tip 3 : Include only those points about which you're fully confident. Sometimes including too much increases expectations and then the bar is set high for you which impacts the assessment
Tip 4 : Don't put anything in resume that you are not sure of.
Tip 5 : if you don't have any internship experience then you can show your good technical projects and certifications too.

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