Standard Chartered Bank Interview Experience for Fresher SDE - 1, Aug 2020

Posted: 4 Jan 2021
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Bhanu Pratap
Dr. B.R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology
Computer Science Engineering
8.64 CGPA


5 Months
Data Structures, Algorithms, OOPS, Dynamic Programming, Graphs, Competitive Programming, DBMS, Computer Architecture, Python, C++
Preparation Tip

Tip 1 : Solve as many questions as possible
Tip 2 : Focus on Communication Skills
Tip 3 : Spend some time on resume building
Tip 4 : Give some mock interviews
Tip 5 : Read others experiences as it will give you an idea about the whole interview process
Tip 6 : Learn from failures and try not to repeat the same mistakes in the future
Tip 7 : Most importantly enjoy the process

Application Process

Above 7 CGPA
Resume Tip

Tip 1 : Should not exceed 1 page
Tip 2 : Put only those things which you are confident that you can answer anything 
Tip 3 : Have some projects on your resume
Tip 4 : Select the template of your resume based on its readability
Tip 5 : Put things on your resume in a systematic manner(Don't create a mess)
Tip 6 : Take a look at other selected resumes as it will give an idea on what basis companies accept or reject the resumes

Interview Process

Round 1

150 minutes
Round Type:
Online Coding Interview
11 Aug 2020

For MCQ Round, we have 2 rounds:- 
1. Logical Reasoning (Window of 4 hours)
2. Mathematical Reasoning(Window of 4 hours)
The environment was fine. They gave an option of attempting a mock test in order to familiarize us with the environment

Logical Reasoning, in which there were 12 questions, and for each question we had a time limit of 75 seconds. There was a cut-off of 40...

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Maximum Frequency Number

You are given an array of integers that contain numbers in random order. Write a program to find and return the number which occurs the maximum times in the given input.

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Mike and Mobile

Mike is a little boy who loves solving math problems. One...

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The timing was around 1 pm and the whole interview went for about 40 minutes.
The interviewer first went through my resume and asked me to introduce myself. After my introduction, he asked me about my projects mentioned in the resume. In the introduction itself, I told him that I am interested in competitive programming and preparing for ICPC. He then asked me about my preparation for ICPC. ...

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Remove Duplicates

Given an integer array A which contains duplicates. Remove duplicates from the array and return a new array without any duplicates. Respective order is maintained.


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In this round interviewer basically asked about my project in detail and also asked about various technologies used in that project.


I told them that I have been doing competitive programming in C++, he asks why am I using only C++ and not any other language. I have done a project in python also so he asks me about the difficulties that I face during the transition from C++ to Python. As I was not from Computer Science, he asks me about the difficulties that I face in managing studies of my branch and preparing for these tec...

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We were asked about family background, location of the intern, any interest in startups (as they don’t want students who they hire also work with startups side by side), etc.

General Questions

1. Family background
2. Location of the intern
3. Any interest in startups (as they don’t want students who they hire also work with startups side by side)
4. Willingness to relocate

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