Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Interview Experience for Fresher System Engineer, Oct 2020

Posted: 19 Mar 2021
Interview Rounds
Application Process

Interview Process

Online Coding Interview

120 minutes
3 Oct 2020

This round was conducted in two part, first part was based on quantitative aptitude and verbal skills and other part was having 2 coding question. First 60 minutes was dedicated for Aptitude and verbal part and rest 60 minutes was for coding. There were also negative marking for incorrect answers.

Number of Pairs with Given Sum

You have been given an integer array/list(arr) and a number 'Sum'. Find and return the total number of pairs in the array/list which when added, results equal to the 'Sum'.

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Loot Houses

A thief wants to loot houses. He knows the amount of money in each house. He cannot loot two consecutive houses. Find the maximum amount of money he can loot.

Input Format :
The first line of...
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Round - 2


3 Months
Data Structures & Algorithms, Database Management System, Competitive coding, Computer Network, Operating System, Dynamic Programing, Graph, Trie, Tree, Standard Template Library(C++)
Preparation Tip

Tip 1 : Get Familiar with basic data structures and do competitive coding using those data structures. if you are beginner and stuck from where to start then don't waste your precious time in finding it by yourself. I recommend you to take some popular Data Structure courses which will be your road map. You can also take Coding Ninja course it is really very helpful during the preparation.
Tip 2 : Have Patience, things will not change over night but yes it will improve gradually. Try to understand the concept and logic behind the problem statement. It doesn't matter how much how much questions you have solved, the only thing that matter is how well you have understand the concept. 
Tip 3 : Even after solving try to explain the working and logic of your code to yourself, it will give you an extra confidence. Mostly in coding interview, interviewer will ask you to explain the working of code.
Tip 4 : Consistency and Hard Work is the key to crack any interview. Don't stop applying, usually people get frustrated after getting rejected from companies and end up switching the field. Always remember quitting is not the solution for the problem, give yourself some time as good things take time.
Tip 5 : Believe in yourself, Confidence will give you an upper edge over all other applicants. Company also look for confident people who are ready to learn new stuff and are humble in nature because after getting recruited you have to work in a team of developer.
Tip 6 : Prepare well for your projects and introduction part, it's the most common question which is asked in almost every interview.

Application Process

above 7 cgpa
Resume Tip

Tip 1 : Resume is the most important part of your recruitment, don't make it so fancy. Keep it simple and concise.
Tip 2 : Follow the standard pattern, you can also refer to resume related blogs in coding ninja blogs section.
Tip 3 : Prepare well for all the skills you have mentioned in your resume. If you don't have strong command over the skills you have mentioned in your resume then don't mention them. Interviewer don't like bluff.
Tip 4 : If you have any internship then prepare well for your internship experience and the project on which you have worked during that internship

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