Barclays Interview Experience for Fresher SDE - 1, Sep 2020

Posted: 24 Nov 2021
Interview Rounds
Application Process

Interview Process

Online Coding Interview

90 Minutes
19 Sep 2020

Coding round was conducted in the morning for 1.5 hours from 10:00 am to 11:30 am. Exam was conducted on HACKEREARTH which is a user-friendly platform with various edge test-cases. Since exam was done through online mode due to COVID-19, therefore camera was on for invigilation. A well working camera and microphone were needed for successful completion of exam.

Ninja and words magic

Ninja has been given a dictionary of words ‘WORDS’ of length ‘N’ and a sentence ‘SENTENCE’ consisting of words separated by a single space. Ninja has to...

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10 Months
Data Structure, Algorithms, Basics of object oriented programming, Operating System, Database Management System, C++ Basics
Preparation Tip

Tip 1 : Do not totally depend on past interview questions or as such unless and until you have a strong foundation. Just build the foundation first in starting months.
Tip 2 : More focus should be on problem-solving skills. Develop the skills of using applications.(Eg.: Where one should use Hashmap, Arraylist, etc.)
Tip 3 : Try to solve the problem on your own. Just sink yourself into the question so much that you don't need to look for the solution.(Figure out solution in your own way).
Tip 4 : Regarding project, quantity doesn't matter but what matters the most is you should know about the project from start to end. Able to explain the project clearly. Be ready with technical as well as Behavioral questions.

Application Process

Above 7 CGPA
Resume Tip

Tip 1 : Get rid of irrelevant topics or headings.(Eg. Stood 1st in Annual Sack Race Competition.)
Tip 3 : Make sure you don't keep anything which create problem at time of Interview.
Tip 4 : Short and crisp Resume with each spelling checked twice.
Tip 5 : Keep updating your resume based on addition of Internship/Projects, etc.
Tip 6 : Keep the file name(Resume saved as pdf or any format) decent too.

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