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Grofers Interview Experience for Fresher SDE - Intern, Feb 2021

Posted: 13 Mar 2021
Interview Rounds
Application Process

Interview Process


24 hours
22 Feb 2021

There is an event and different types of prizes available at the event. How to send them to the end user or what will the required fields and links. There were some functionalities that were to be included.

I made REST API for the Functional Requirements.
GET request for getting tickets and POST request for participating in an event and so on.

See my Approach
Round - 2


6 Months
Data Structures, Algorithms, Dynamic Programming, OOPS, Computer Networks, Operating systems, DMBS, System Design, Python, Django
Preparation Tip

Tip 1 : Practise Data Structures and Algorithms as much as you can on daily basis. Don't Fix numbers in your head, but practise as much as you can from all topics on daily basis.
Tip 2 : Give Programming Contests on a Daily basis. As it helps you to think of any particular problem in the fixed time frame.
Tip 3 : For Mastering DP, Learn From Aditya Verma Youtube Playlist and apply around 100 questions for solving any DP problem.
Tip 4 : Also Learn Computer Science theory subject once a week so that you will have a deep understanding of the particular subject since many interviews grind on CS theory subjects like OS, DBMS and Networks 
Tip 5 : Make at least 2-3 Projects in any technology you like maybe Web Development or Android Development. It shows that you have some experience in Development and the company don't need to waste time on you for teaching frameworks.
Tip 6 : If you have time learn some System Design and learn how to design any system from end to end. Especially learn about designing a database of any application. In many interviews, the interviewer asks to design an application from end to end. So if you have some practice, then you can easily clear this type of rounds.

Application Process

No criteria
Resume Tip

Tip 1 : Always attached your Project links in your resume. As it seems your project is genuine and you are confident in showing your projects
Tip 2 : Don't add unnecessary things in your resume which are not related to the job, like your 10th class winning tournament certificate or managing a college society. These things didn't create any impact on your profile and takes an unnecessary space in your resume.
Tip 3 : Always make a 1-page resume. If you are making more than 1 page then it means you have added a lot of unnecessary information which are not related to the job profile.
Tip 4 : Always show your Project and Past experience on top, just after your basic info and education. Since these are the things which should be on top to showcast the skills.

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