Goldman Sachs Interview Experience for Fresher Software Analyst, Jun 2019

Posted: 16 Dec 2020
Interview Rounds
Application Process

Interview Process

Face to Face

90 minutes
16 Jun 2019

This was face to face interview round. The interviewer was very friendly. He started by asking tell me

something about yourself. I told him about my interest in competitive coding(since I am weak in

probability, I always mentioned competitive coding in my introduction so that the interviewer

asks me coding questions and didn’t move to the probability section).

Minimize the Maximum

You are given an array of N integers and an integer K. For each array element, you are allowed to increase or decrease it by a value k. The task is...

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Minimum Number of Platform Needed

You are given the arrival and departure times of N trains at a railway station in a day. You need to find the minimum of platforms required f...

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Two and Four Wheeler Roads

There is a country with 'N' cities and 'M' bidirectional roads of 3 types.

Type 1: Two Wheeler Road, It means only vehicles having two wheels can use this road.
Type 2: Four Wheeler Road, It means only vehicles having four wheels can use this road.
Type 3: Both two and four W...
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Round - 2


4 months
I covered major data structure topics like Arrays, Stacks, Queues, Linked List, Trees, Graphs, backtracking, Dynamic Programming. After reading each topic, I tried to practice maximum questions on the concerned topic from Coding Ninjas, geeksforgeeks, Hackerrank and when stuck on a question, I preferred watching solution videos provided by Coding Ninjas.
Preparation Tip

Tip 1 : It is important to practice coding consistently because it is what enables you to solve interview-questions in the stipulated time. But before this, it is even important to have a clear understanding of all the data-structures, so that they can be easily implemented as and when required to solve a problem. It is also mandatory to have a clear understanding of the time and space complexities of algorithms because this is what you are judged upon in real interviews. Good intuition and a good approach to solve a problem are what really helps to crack the interview of such companies. 
Tip 2 : They do not judge you upon the number of internships you have done or the number of projects you have made. A single,good-quality project is sufficient, provided you have in-depth knowledge about it. What matters to them is how efficient a learner you are, how good is your problem-solving skill and also how confident you are with your answers. 
Tip 3 : Practise topic-wise questions, participate in lots of coding contests, watch lots of Youtube solutions even after you could solve a question, because you may find a different approach that is efficient than yours, and watching video solutions is always a better option than just reading the solution, as it gives a clear and deeper understanding of the logics. Also, pray hard along with your preparation.

Application Process

7.0 CGPA
Resume Tip

Tip 1 : Keep your resume short and clear. Mention your projects and internships with a brief description and year of completion. Mention coding languages are known to you, or other technical skills that you are good at. Do not mention anything that you are not good at. Highlight the topics that you are really good at. 
Tip 2 : Be very honest and figure out only those things in your resume that you really know. Anything extra or unknown may have a negative impact upon your interview if asked by the interviewer.

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