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American Express Interview Experience for Fresher SDE - Intern, Aug 2020

Posted: 13 Mar 2021
Interview Rounds
Application Process

Interview Process

Online Coding Test

120 minutes
28 Aug 2020

The coding round was at 11 am in the morning. The questions were of medium level. The questions were purely based on Data Structures and Algorithms.

Sliding Maximum

You are given an array 'ARR' of integers of length 'N' and a positive integer 'K'. You need to find the maximum elements for each and every contiguous subarray of size K of the array.

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Longest Sub-string with at most K Distinct Characters

You are given string S of length N, and an integer K. Your task is to find the length of the longest substring that contains at most K distinct characters.

Input Format:
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Round - 2


2.5 months
C++, Data Structures, Algorithms, Operating Systems, Object Oriented Programming, Database Management System, Computer Networks
Preparation Tip

Tip 1 : Have confidence in Data Structures and Algorithms. Have your concepts very clear and then pick one coding platform( leetcode, InterviewBit, CodeZen, GeeksForGeeks) and try to practice around 7-10 questions everyday with varying difficulty and different topics.Also solving questions is not enough, try to optimize it. Analyze its space and time complexities.
Tip 2 : Study properly about OOPS concepts. Coding Ninja's Data Structures and Algorithms course is great for preparing the OOPS concepts specifically. For OS and DBMS refer to your college notes and GeekForGeeks articles.
Tip 3 : Keep participating in coding contests. It helps you increase your problem solving skills.

Application Process

Above 7 CGPA
Resume Tip

Tip 1 : Add those skills, projects and achievements which are relevant to your role.
Tip 2 : Do not fake any skills, projects or achievements. 
Tip 3 : You do need to have a several number of projects. 1 good project with good knowledge of it will also do fine. The similar rule goes for skills also.
Tip 4 : Try to write achievements which proves your technical skills, leadership quality, communication skills or teamwork.

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