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Amazon Interview Experience for Fresher SDE - Intern, Aug 2019

Posted: 5 Jul 2020
Interview Rounds
Application Process

Interview Process

Online Coding Test

120 minutes
1 Aug 2019

This round consisted of two coding questions which were of medium level.

Minimum Cost to Destination

You have given a m*n matrix filled with "1" and "0"."1" means you can use the cell and "0" means the cell is blocked. You can move in 4 directions left, right, top, bottom. Every time you move upward direction or downward it costs you 1$. Moving left or right will not be added to cost. So you have to write a code to check whether one can reach to destination index (x,y) starting from (0,0). If ...

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Minimum Cost to Buy Oranges

You are given a bag of size 'W' kg and provided with the costs of packets with different weights of oranges as a list/array with the name 'cost'. Every i-th position in the cost denotes the price of 'i+1' kg packet of oranges.

If at any point in time the i-th cost is -1, it means that 'i+1' kg packet of orange is unavailable.

You are required to find the minimum total cost to buy ex...

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Round - 2


1 month
Data Structures and Algorithms, Networking, Database Management System, Operating System, Time Complexity, Compiler design, Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence techniques
Preparation Tip

I practiced a lot of problems related to Data structures on the Coding ninjas platform and other coding platforms. If you are stuck somewhere in a problem and want to see reference, first, try to understand the algorithm and then move on to code. Just see the algorithm that is how to approach first and don't try to understand from the code right off the bat, code has finer implementation variation that can be done on your own if you are clear with the algorithm. Also for big product companies,  prepare enough problems of graphs and trees as these are the most important topics for interviews.

Application Process

6.5 CGPA
Resume Tip

Mention a good level of projects in your resume, and also give a brief detail about each and every project.

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