Top 150 Interview Puzzles

Tired of all the brainteasers and puzzles asked in interviews ? Can't get a hang on puzzles even when your coding and development skills are top notch.. or maybe you are a puzzle enthusiast/problem solver and can't find a right collection of puzzles and brainteasers. If you check any of these above, then this guided path is for you . We have a collection of top 150 interview puzzles just for you, categorised into different subsections so that you can target those in which you are weak or have trouble dealing with. So put your geek mode on and solve them all out !!
Key Points

Average time to complete  45 days

Pre-requisites: Basic aptitude and an enthusiasm to learn

Module 1


20 Notes

Find the Right Shake

Faulty Robot

Flip the Coin

Black and White Hats

Money Heist

The MasterChef

The Chocolate Lover

The Grid

The Bulb

The Helium Balloon

Crossing Stormy River

100 Tubelights and Friends

The city of Hope

The Gold Bar

How many Rabbits?

Three Cats and a Circle

Treasure Hunt

The Motorcycle Drone Event

The Thug

The Beehive