Fundamentals of React Native

Rated as the #1 cross platform mobile app development framework, an easy learning curve and being in the top 5 popular technologies by developers from time to time, the industry use and widespread adoption of React Native has become phenomenal. Backed by a strong community , multi platform support it has become a go to skill. So if you are a student, working professional or a hobbyist who is looking for the basics of React Native, projects, company specific mcqs and interview questions all at one place, then this is the perfect track for you.
Key Points

Earn Certificate of completion

Average time to complete  35 days

Pre-requisites: Fundamental Knowledge of Javascript and React

Module 1

Types of Mobile Apps

3 Notes & 4 Problems

Native, Hybrid & Web Apps

Native Android vs ReactNative

Popular React Native Apps

Create a new React Native project

10 points

Need of Dom ?

10 points

Most common commands

10 points

Same code base

10 points
Score 80% (Without penalty)