With the demand for fast, flexible and multi-platform apps for every idea on an all time high, Flutter has taken the app development ecosystem by a storm. You can build, test, and deploy mobile, web, desktop, and embedded apps from a single codebase using flutter. So if this has you excited, this is the perfect track for you because we have company specific mcqs and interview questions all at one place to make your learning intuitive and fun. Bonus : We have a special project for you at the end.
Key Points

Earn Certificate of completion

Average time to complete  25 days

Pre-requisites: Basic Aptitude, OOPs , Enthusiasm to learn

Module 1

Introduction to Flutter

4 Notes & 3 Problems

Flutter Intro

10 points

Platforms and Cross Platform Dev

Pros of Flutter

10 points

Flutter and other Cross-Platform Frameworks

Flutter vs other Frameworks

Some popular flutter based apps

Mobile Flutter App

10 points
Score 70% (Without penalty)