Dynamic Programming Notes
Dynamic Programming Notes
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Maximum sum of two non-overlapping subarrays of a given size
Minimum Jumps
Minimum Removals
Minimum steps to reach target by a Knight
Minimum cost of reducing Array by merging any adjacent elements repetitively
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Wildcard Pattern Matching
Scramble String
Regular Expression Match
LCS of 3 strings
Distinct Subsequences
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Choose Students
Best Time To Buy and Sell Stock
Matrix Chain Multiplication
Buy and Sell Stock - III
Coin Game
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Optimal BST
Number of balanced binary trees
Goku and Dragon Balls
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Partition to K equal sum subsets
Partition Equal Subset Sum
Palindrome Partitioning ll
Maximum Length of Chain
King and his Golden Rod
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Ways To Make Coin Change
Ways to arrange balls
Count number of ways to cover a distance
Count ways to reach the nth stairs
Count Palindromic Subsequences
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Longest Palindromic Substring
Edit Distance
Rod cutting problem
Longest Increasing Subsequence
0 - 1 Knapsack
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Loot Houses
Colorful Knapsack
Word Wrap
Optimal Strategy for a Game
Cut Logs
Interleaving Two Strings
Common Digit Longest Subsequence
Tiling Problem
Gold mine problem
Maze with N doors and 1 Key
Data Structures & Algorithms
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