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Connect n ropes with minimum cost

Connect N Ropes With Minimum Cost

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Problem Statement
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You have been given 'N' ropes of different lengths, we need to connect these ropes into one rope. The cost to connect two ropes is equal to sum of their lengths. We need to connect the ropes with minimum cost.

Input format :

The first line of input contains an integer value 'N'. It denotes the total number of ropes.

The second line of input contains 'N' single space separated integers representing length of each rope i.e. a1, a2, a3, ... an.

Output Format :

The only line of output will contain an integer, the minimum cost for connecting all the ropes.


You need not to print anything, it has been already taken care of. Just implement the given function.

Constraints :

1 <= N <= 10^5
1 <= ai <= 10^9

Time Limit : 1 sec

Sample Input 1:

4 3 2 6

Sample Output 1:



1) If we first connect ropes of lengths 2 and 3, we will left with three ropes of lengths 4, 6 and 5.

2) Now then, if we connect ropes of lengths 4 and 5, we will left with two ropes of lengths 6 and 9.

3) Finally, we connect the remaining two ropes and all ropes are now connected.

Total cost for connecting all ropes in this way is 5 + 9 + 15 = 29  which is the optimized cost.
Now there are other ways also for connecting ropes. For example, if we connect 4 and 6 first (we get three ropes of lengths 3, 2 and 10), then connect 10 and 3 (we get two ropes of length 13 and 2). Finally we connect 13 and 2. Total cost in this way is 10 + 13 + 15 = 38 which is not the optimal cost

Sample Input 2:

1 2 3 4 5

Sample Output 2:

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