Linked List Reversal
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Linked List Reversal Notes
Reverse Blocks
Last appearence
Add two Linked Lists
Left Short
Rearrange Linked List
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Sorting in Linked List Notes
Quick Sort on Linked List
Count Inversion
Insertion Sort in Linked List
Sort Linked List
Sort Linked List of 0's ,1's and 2's
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Slow and Fast Pointer Notes
Add First and Second Half
Delete Middle Node
Add First and Second Reversed Half
Delete Kth node from end in the list
Detect and Remove Cycle
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Pair swap
Remove String
Add K Nodes
Add One to Linked List
Append Nodes
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Flatten the multi-level Linked-list
Clone Linked List with random pointer
Palindrome Linked List
Intersection of Linked List
State Diagram
Merge two sorted Linked lists
Delete alternate nodes
Sum between zeroes
Connect Midpoints
Segregate odd - even
Data Structures & Algorithms
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