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Introduction To Graphs

Introduction To Graph Notes

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Graph Traversal Notes

Placement Of students

Is it a Tree?

Colour the Graph

Largest Island

Fire in the cells.

Count nodes within K-distance

MST Notes

Shortest Path Algorithms Notes

Topological Sort

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Dijkstra's shortest path

Topological Sort

Strongly Connected Components (Tarjan’s Algorithm)

Minimum Spanning Tree

Shortest Distance

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Shortest Path in a Binary Matrix

Rotting Oranges

Snake and Ladder

Longest Increasing Path in a 2D matrix

Minimum Time in Wormhole Network

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Count Ways

Minimum time to reach destination.

M-Coloring Problem

Two and Four Wheeler Roads

Minimum Direction Changes

Transitive Closure of Directed Graph

Alien dictionary

Detect Cycle in a Directed Graph

Minimum travel Cost

Course Schedule

Data Structures & Algorithms
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