Data Science

In today's world , data is the real treasure. And data science combines statistics, data analysis, and machine learning to analyse data and to extract knowledge and insights from it. Today, Data Science is in huge demand with a requirement for a huge talent pool. So if we have you motivated enough, and you are a student or working professional or a hobbyist who is looking for the fundamentals of Data Science , company specific mcqs and interview questions all at one place, then this is the perfect track for you.
Key Points

Earn Certificate of completion

Average time to complete  25 days

Pre-requisites: Basics of Python, OOPs In Python, Basics Of Machine Learning

Module 1

Introduction to Data Science

7 Notes & 4 Problems

What is Data Science and its Inception

Where is Data Science needed?

Work of a Data Scientist and opportunities

Essential Language

10 points

Skills of a Data Scientist

10 points

Application of Data Science

What is Data?

Unstructured Data

10 points

What is Data Mesh

Breaking down a database table

Representation of Data

10 points
Score 70% (Without penalty)