With the advent of new cryptocurrencies on an almost daily level, new government policies, people seeking it as a viable investment option, the hype for the underlying fascinating technology "Blockchain" is unmatched. So if you are tired of the multiple confusing resources which don't cater your curiosity to know it all about Blockchain, its architecture, its inception then this is the perfect track for you. We have got it all covered and to make it more intuitive we have mcqs as well.
Key Points

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Average time to complete  15 days

Pre-requisites: Enthusiasm to Learn

Module 1

Introduction to Blockchain

4 Notes & 4 Problems

What is Blockchain?

What is Blockchain?

10 points

Blockchain is also known as?

10 points

Who uses Blockchain?

Concept of Blockchain

10 points

Real Life uses of Blockchain

Common Myths about Blockchain

Blockchain Encryption

10 points
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