Basics of React

Rated as the top most skill, people want to acquire in the domain of frontend, react's industry use grows multifold each day. Backed by a strong community and multi-platform support, with an easier learning curve than other frameworks or libraries, react is a go to skill. So if you are a student, working professional or a hobbyist who is looking for the basics of React.js , projects, company specific mcqs and interview questions all at one place, then this is the perfect track for you.
Key Points

Earn Certificate of completion

Average time to complete  40 days

Pre-requisites: Fundamental Knowledge of Javascript

Module 1

Introduction To React Js

4 Notes & 5 Problems

What Are Front-End Frameworks

Most Popular Front-End Frameworks

Benefits Of Using React Js

Advantages Of React

10 points

React Js Performance

10 points

State In React

10 points

Key In React

10 points


10 points


Score 80% (Without penalty)