Basics Of Javascript

Rated as the most popular and the #1 used language in almost all of surveys Javascript’s popularity and industry use grows each day. Javascript forms the base for learning all the in demand frontend frameworks and libraries like react, angular and backend skills for node.js . So if you are a student, working professional or a hobbyist who is looking for the basics of JS, coding questions and company specific mcqs and interview questions all at one place, then this is the perfect track for you.
Key Points

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Average time to complete  25 days

Pre-requisites: Basic Aptitude And Enthusiasm To Learn

Module 1

JavaScript Intro

2 Notes & 4 Problems
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JavaScript Introduction

What can Javascript do?

10 points

JS Single or Multi Thread?

10 points

Initial Name for JS

10 points

JS client or server ?

10 points

Interview Questions

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