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if statement

if-else statement

nested if statement

if-else-if statement

Find the output I

If statement I

Find the output II

Find the output III

If statement II

Find the output IV

Find the output V

Switch Statement

Find the output VI

Switch statement

Default case

Jump Statement

Goto statement

Skip iteration

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Find Character Case

Total Salary

Largest of three numbers

Find the Quadrant of the coordinate point


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For Loop

While Loop

do-while Loop

for_each Loop

For loop

Loop execution

Goto label

Find the output VII

Find the output VIII

Find the output IX

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Sum of Even Numbers till N

Fahrenheit to Celcius

Sum of even & odd

Find the Power of a number

Find factorial of a number

Nth Fibonacci number

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Basics Of C++
For loop

Which for loop is correct?