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Career Camp Professionals

9-month Coding bootcamp in Full Stack Web Development designed for IT working professionals aspiring to make that switch to their dream job

Only for IT working professionals with at-least 15 months of experience in IT domain

Pay only when you land a job!

60 minutes Live Online Session with one of our mentors, about the program

Ankush Singla - Co-Founder at Coding Ninjas
Ex-Facebook, Stanford Alumni

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60 minutes Live Online Counselling Session

Why you should attend the
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How your next 9 months will look like​

Phase 1 | Month 0-3

Let's get started with programming and master data structure

  • Learn the essentials of programming along with writing optimised code in terms of time & space, recursion and OOPS concepts
  • Get familiar with most common ways of organising your data using LL, Stacks, Queues, Trees, BST and Hashmaps
  • Learn to store and access complicated real world data more efficiently with the help of Priority Queues, Trees, Graphs and Dynamic Programming

Solve 350+ coding problems | Ready to crack any DS & algo interview round.

Phase 2 | Month 4-5

Let's build Some Amazing Responsive Websites

  • Learn key technologies for creating interactive and stunning Websites – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery & Ajax
  • Work on some really cool projects from starting to deployment involving Music Player, Calculator, some games etc
  • 2 Mock interviews and 1:1 domain expert sessions & 2-3 live webinar sessions per week for discussions & problem solving

Become Front End Developer | 4 Projects Completed | 1 Live Project with deployement

Phase 3 | Month 6-7

Write scalable backend servers using Nodejs

  • Learn to create your own servers, use database to store data, build APIs and deploy your apps for the world to use using NodeJs
  • Create some end to end usable projects such as Todo List, Social Media Website, Habit Tracker, Expense Manager etc
  • 2 Mock interviews and 1:1 domain expert sessions & 2-3 live webinar sessions per week for discussions & problem solving

Become Full Stack Developer | 4 Projects Completed | 1 Live Project with deployment

Phase 4 | Month 8

Learn another amazing library for frontend, React

  • Take your JS skills to next level with React, Redux, Context API, React Router and React Hooks
  • Work on some amazing projects
  • 2 Mock interviews and 1:1 domain expert sessions & 2-3 live webinar per week sessions per week for discussions & problem solving

Become master of Front End | 1 Live Project with Deployment

Phase 5 | Month 9

Create and deploy real life projects

  • Spend time in creating a good project basis on some real life application
  • Work in team or individually. 
  • Weekly deadlines, deliverables, and presentation will be involved

Phase 6 | Month 9 onwards

Grab additional skills and gear up for placements

  • Learn to build scalable and robust systems using System Design concepts
  • Learn the pre-requisites for clearing any tech interview, aptitude, Operating Systems, DBMS and SQL
  • Create an impressive resume through multiple personal review sessions and prepare for HR and non-tech rounds through and take your soft skills to next level

Our Exclusive Features

Coding Classes & Live Webinars by Expert Faculty

Our faculty is from the best institutes around the world such as IITD, Stanford and more. They also have work experience in tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, Adobe which makes them exceptional.


Get mentored by Industry Veterans

1:1 Mock interviews with industry stalwarts to groom you for your dream job. There will be 12 such sessions focussing on both tech & interpersonal skills.


Placement Support

Internship & placement opportunities tailormade for your profile. A dedicated placement team for resume building, soft skills grooming to ensure you get your dream job.


1:1 Domain Expert Sessions

Interested in a particular topic like cloud computing or AI/ML? Get industry insights & tips from our 1:1 domain expert sessions. There will be 15 such sessions helping you gain depth of knowledge in topics of your interest.


Live Projects & Hackathons

Our expert faculty will guide you in building live projects giving you additional talking points in your interviews. Participate in our exclusive hackathons & coding contests to test your skills against your peers.


Speedy Doubt Resolution Support

Solve your doubts instantly on live chat, audio/video call with a dedictaed TA. The TA’s are the top performer alumni dedicated to support and clear doubts at any point of time.


Come build & grow your own network with Coding Ninjas​

Coding Ninjas has 18,000+ alumni working at bigwigs like Amazon, Google, Microsoft and many more tech giants, and a strong network of industry mentors & domain experts as CTO and CEO of top companies

A dedicated placement team to help you land the best career opportunities

Our placement cell works closely with you to take you closer to your professional goals

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Select your Payment plan



Rs. 1,25,000

All Inclusive

* No cost EMI available: Pay 5,000 now and balance in 9 equal monthly installments of Rs 13,333


Rs. 50,000 upfront + 15% Salary for 3 Years, after you get a job (capped at 3.6 Lakhs)

* No cost EMI available for upfront 50,000: Pay 5,000 now and balance in 9 equal monthly instalments of Rs 5,000

No Cost EMI available through NBFC partners or Credit Cards
**GST is included in the fee – for both the plans, Standard and Hack

Choose a payment plan that best suits you

Everything you get remains the same regardless of the payment plan you choose


21 months access to course materials
Speedy doubt resolution
Multiple Live Projects

Interview prep

12 Mock interviews
15 Domain expert sessions
Resume building & soft skill grooming


Exclusive Placement Support
Premium Hirist account on completion


Flat fee - Pay now, All Inclusive
  • No cost EMI available: Pay 5,000 now and balance in 9 equal monthly instalments of Rs 13,333


Rs. 20k upfront (Refundable*) + 15% of salary capped at Rs. 3.6L
  • 15% Salary for 3 Years, after you get a job (capped at 3.6 Lakhs)
  • No cost EMI available for upfront 20,000: Pay 5,000 now and balance in 3 equal monthly instalments of Rs 5,000

No Cost EMI available through NBFC partners or Credit Cards. GST is included in the fee – for both the plans, Standard and Hack. *Refundable if you are unable to secure a job of atleast 8 lpa after program completion.

Our Team of Experts

Ankush has a Bachelor’s degree in CS from IIT Delhi and Masters in Computer Science from Stanford University. He is a code enthusiast with previous experience at bigwigs like Amazon and Facebook.
Ankush Singla
Founder & Instructor
Nidhi is M.Tech from IIIT Delhi. She is a coding enthusiast, having great command on programming concepts. Has more than 4 years of teaching experience “Fundamentals & Data Structures in Java & C++” with amazing student feedbacks.
Nidhi Agarwal
Founding Member
Manisha has done her Masters from IIIT Delhi. Her data analytics research work has been published in prestigious conferences. Has more than 4 years of teaching experience, master in C++, Java & Android courses.
Manisha Khattar
Founding Member
Arpan Garg has 6 years of industry and teaching experience. He has vast experience of working with companies like Spice Labs, Kalpvriksh Healthcare and more. He is an organizer at Google Developer's Group. He is well-versed with the latest web technologies.
Arpan Garg
Founding Member
Parikh is a CS graduate from Delhi Technological University (DTU), and has been a Co-founder at He is called the 'ninja' of Competitive Coding. A software developer and instructor at Coding. He has a super contribution towards our Online portal, CodeZen.
Parikh Jain
Instructor & Product Engineer
He is expert in JavaScript & React(Front-end) and worked on Open source projects like Firebug and Zulip. He served as a GCI(Google Code-In) Mentor with Zulip. In his previous roles in the past 3 years as a Software Engineer and worked for companies like Goibibo-MMT.
Aakash Tyagi
Software Engineer & Instructor

Frequently Asked Question

Career Camp Professionals is one of a kind Career Program designed to enhance your Technical skills from a novice to an expert in 9 months. You pay only when you land a job of minimum 8 LPA. The program is meant specially for working professionals with at least 15 months of experience working in the IT sector on entry level salaries. 

Only candidates who are currently working in IT sector for atleast last 15 months are eligible for the program. We expect you to have basic programming skills.

Regardless of your work commitments, you can manage your time and learn as per your schedule. The course requires you to commit a minimum of 16 hours per week.

The Duration of the course is 21 months. The first 9 months will be focusing on Learning & the next 12 months on getting you placed. The period has been kept in such a way that along with the Technical tests, we make you ready for different rounds of Interview also.

Career Camp Professionals is specially designed for working professionals with at least 15 months of experience working in the IT sector on entry level salaries. Coding Ninjas feel that with the level of knowledge imparted during the Career Camp Professionals course, you will find yourself cracking placements for Product based companies with packages of atleast 8 LPA and above with ease.
8 LPA is the minimum guarantee CTC, you don’t pay the postpaid fees of the Hack plan if you don’t get a job equal to or greater than 8 LPA.

As per our past records every student who has completed the course has got a suitable job opportunity. Coding Ninjas has always kept their promises and is a trusted brand in the Education Industry with an experience of upskilling 50,000+ Engineering Students. We will create your profile, prepare a resume, conduct mock interviews and do our best to help you land up in a Tech job. However for some reason if you don’t get a job, then you do not have to pay us the postpaid fees of the “Hack plan”.

Industry Mentors are the experts from reputed companies who have proven competencies in certain fields and are the best guides to help you choose your next steps in the Industry. They will conduct 12 mock interviews with you on a 1:1 basis and provide you detailed feedback.

We are currently offering Full Stack Web Development course, which will help you become a Full Stack Developer, Back end developer, React Developer, Front End Developer or a SDE in the Industry.

There are 170+ companies who have hired our students in the past. Industry Giants like Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart Labs, AWS, Microsoft, Zomato are some of the names comprising this list.

We have a team of 6 Expert Instructors, 50 Industry Mentors, and more than 100+ Teaching Assistants to help resolve the problems online on almost a real-time basis.

There are two payment plans available for Ninjas Career Camp

1. Standard Plan – ₹1.25 lakh upfront
2. Hack Plan – ₹20,000 upfront fees + 15% of CTC for 3 years (Maximum amount: 3.6 lakhs).

For e.g you get a job of 12 Lakhs under Upfront Option: You pay Rs 20,000 upfront & Rs 15,000 emi in 24 monthly instalments. (15,000 X 24 = 3.6 Lakhs which is the maximum cap)

We don’t feel that degree can be a substitute for your determination and passion to Code. However, you need to be currently working in the IT domain with atleast 15 months of experience within the domain.

Yes. If you are applying for a certain company through us and the company has selected you, we expect you to not back out of it.

There is no compulsion to work and stay with a particular company. How long you decide to stay with a company totally depends on you. But it will not change your payment commitments.

Job is the end result we all are working on together. We both will be working hard to upskill you and prepare you. Even if you get a job through other channels, it will be considered a job only and all the conditions will be unchanged.

The course will be conducted Online only. It has been designed in such a manner that you will have all the Online Videos and other content with you which can be accessed from anywhere at any point in time.

Generally Coding Ninjas students get offered salary packages between Rs. 8 lakh per annum to Rs. 20 lakh per annum. Based on your profile you can choose to apply to companies that come for placements. We commit a minimum salary package of 8 LPA, ie., you don’t pay the postpaid fees (Hack plan) if you don’t get a job of >= 8 LPA.

NO! You are expected to carry on with your job even after joining the program. The intention of the program is for you to have atleast 2 years of running IT experience at the end of 9 months learning period. Which is often a criteria of companies offering placements. Any unexplained gaps might create issues at the time of placements.

Students are given a period of 45 days to pay the lump sum (complete amount) after getting a job offer. If you choose to pay through instalments we introduce you to our finance partner and you can pay as per the plan devised by them with zero interest.

No. We are currently offering Full Stack Web Development course, which will help you become a Full Stack Developer in the Industry.

You will have 15 domain expert sessions and 12 mock-interviews. They will be done on a 1:1 basis

After you register for the program, you are required to make the payment of the upfront fees as per the plan chosen by you.
There are two payments plans available Standard and Hack: Standard- Upfront fees plan, you pay INR 1.25L before admission and have no liability later. This also has zero interest EMI options. Hack- Upfront + Postpaid fees plan, you pay INR 50,000 upfront before admission and 3.6L after you land a job of atleast 8 LPA.

Documentation Check:
Registered candidates will have a telephonic discussion with one of our Counsellors, to understand candidate’s aspirations and verification of professional details.

Once the upfront payment is done, candidates will be given admission into the program.

Classroom signup and Course start:
Once you have received the admit letter after payment of the upfront fees you will be required to signup for classroom access using the link provided in the mail. And your course starts.

You will be required to sign the Deferred Payment Agreement as part of the admission process before the batch start date. Or if you choose the standard plan, pay the required amount

If you have already applied in a company before starting the course and then get placed you do not have to pay anything apart from the upfront amount.

Yes! We guarantee a minimum salary of 8 LPA. If you have opted for the postpaid plan and don’t get a job of >= 8 LPA after the completion of 21 months from the batch start, you are not liable to pay the postpaid fees (Hack plan)

Yes, you have to sign the deferred payment agreement for the Hack plan. Once you are placed you will be expected to pay 15% of your CTC for the next 3 years with a total cap of 3.6L (for Hack plan).

After complete the course with minimum requirement and you clear all the course tests, you’ll be allowed to appear for a placement test (which will be based on the course curriculum only). As soon as you clear the placement test meeting minimum cut-off, you can start appearing for all the relevant opportunities.

The Program is meant for dedicated, hard working and intentful job seekers. We do periodic evaluations to assess the dedication and overall performance of the candidates. In case we do not find the same to be satisfactory, we might ask the candidate to discontinue from the program.

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