Meet the Ninja Alumnus!

“If you believe you can change—if you make it a habit—the change becomes real.” A famous quote from the book The Power Of Habits.  If you wish to make a difference and if you make a habit to bring about the change, it does work. In this blog, we put forward yet another successful journey of Shubham Raj who adheres to what it takes to reach his goals.

About Shubham Raj 

Back in 2020, Shubham completed his in Electricals and Electronics from the prestigious Vellore Institute of Technology. He graduated with an amazing GPA of 9.54. Today, he is associated with Amazon Web Services as a Software Development Engineer.

His journey With Coding Ninjas

Shubham says, his journey with Coding Ninjas has been a great experience.  He strongly recommends CN to many of his friends in which some even took the courses already. He further adds “The courses are good, though slightly high priced, they do offer scholarships which makes it justifiable. The concepts taught are very thorough, it’s definitely worth it.”

Are the lessons learned at Coding Ninjas still helpful? 

“Well, the concepts I learned are an integral part of a Software Engineer’s career, so they definitely go hand in hand. Personally, I use Java concepts mostly in my job.”

What did you do differently to get placed at Amazon Web Services? 

“Determination, dedication, devotion. I used to practice a lot and solved a lot of questions on online platforms and make sure that I’m understanding the concepts well and not just mugging up questions. I made a routine and didn’t miss out on it even for a single day for more than a year. This is what makes the real difference, the POWER OF HABITS.”

What makes you unique on the personal front? 

“Apart from being funny, I know what my priorities are. I don’t multitask unnecessarily and always keep a cool head when pursuing anything. I believe comparing your journey with others only drags you down. Definitely, get inspired but make sure your thoughts don’t get haywire. Just remember to see the best in others and you’ll find the best in you too.”

Describe a typical day at Amazon Web Services as a Software Development Engineer

“Well, the day starts with a daily sync-up followed by coding. After which we discuss it with peers and push the code into production. We do celebrate our release as well which makes it even better. Apart from that sometimes we’ve on-calls where we solve the customer issues and churn insights from them to make our systems better.”

What is your strategy to overcome professional challenges?

“Above all, keep your distractions away from work, keep an itinerary of stuff you need to do, and set personal deadlines, it helps me keep track and also plan my life outside work.”

Any career-building ideas for budding Coders of Coding Ninjas?

“Sure, I would like to put them in some points”

“First of all, don’t start with putting the wrong foot, I have seen many people daydreaming of the results all day and wasting time, later regretting wasting it and in turn wasting it even more! Don’t get stuck in this vicious cycle, keep a cool head and think about what you want to achieve in the next  (say) 6 months or 1 year and make a plan accordingly.”

“When planning, don’t add ‘N’ number of things to do, don’t go on like “I’ll do ML, Web Dev, Android, Blockchain, DSA all in 6 months”. Choose 1 or 2 max and deep dive into them. You can always learn new things later. Now that you have a plan, ACT on it, don’t just aim for the moon and keep gazing at the stars!”

“If you have a good friend circle, try peer programming, it’s an awesome thing!”

“When learning, make notes, make a revision plan too. Believe me, they’re a game changer!”

“Practice diligently, and be honest to yourself. One who cheats with himself gets cheated by life itself, sad right? Never do it.”

“Make a good CV. It’s imperative, don’t overload it but make sure it depicts a picture of your strengths.”

“Don’t wait for the right time, the right moment, be the right moment, create the right time. Once you feel you’re 50% prepared, start interviewing, if not real, at least mock interviews. But, don’t wait for more than 70%. We learn the best and quickest when we have a deadline or something at stake.”

“Getting interviews is the hardest, Naukri(dot)com, LinkedIn, and Indeed are some of the best platforms. Keep an updated Naukri profile with a video CV, when asking for referrals, don’t just send a Hi, give them the full perspective on why you’re a good fit. One more thing that usually gets unnoticed is the art of LinkedIn messages. Whenever you reach out to an HR or a person for a job, also write a small message explaining why you’re a good fit, believe me, I have gotten most of my interviews through this!”

“Lastly, walk in your own shoes, and have the courage to create your own path, everything slowly falls in place, just don’t QUIT.”

What is your favourite school of thought?

“God Gave Me Nothing I Wanted, He Gave Me Everything I Needed, by Swami Vivekananda.”

Message for the Ninjas’ Family 

“Don’t go easy with your goals, dream big, and your burning desire to touch the sky can take you to the stars. Remember, Patience + Passion + Perseverance = Success.”

Summing It Up! 

We hope you loved reading Shubham’s success story. If you too want to share your journey with us, then do write to