Meet the Ninja Alumnus

It’s said that temporary setbacks are often overshadowed by persistence and Ayush Jaiswal, our applaudable alumnus proved it right. By converting the setbacks into his rays of motivation, he bagged a huge opportunity to start his professional career with one of the renowned MNCs globally. Let’s get to know him a little better.

About Ayush Jaiswal

Ayush is a Computer Science graduate from the Jaypee Institute of Information Technology located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. He will join Amazon as a SDE Intern

Failures he witnessed as a child served as his greatest inspiration to succeed in life. He is a self driven individual who works persistently and passionately to accomplish significant goals in life.

His journey with Coding Ninjas

“I am associated with Coding Ninjas for a long time now. During my  initial years in college, I used to follow the guided parts which were provided by Coding Ninjas itself. It helped me with getting the basic understanding of how to prepare for the placements.” 

“After a while,  in my third year, I purchased a Data Structures and Algorithms course so that it can provide me with a routine. That’s how Coding Ninjas helped me to prepare for my placement season.”

Are the lessons learned at Coding Ninjas still helping you to grow?

“Definitely! The lessons learned at Coding Ninjas are still helping me immensely. The most important one which I use till date is that we must focus on our basics. In most of the platforms, they start with solving questions, but here, at CN, the initial lectures were all about understanding the architecture and how the computer system works. This makes it easier to grasp the concepts to solve questions further. Similarly, whenever I start learning any new concepts, I keep in mind to start from the very basics and then gradually move to the complex part.” 

What did you do differently to bag a job offer from Amazon?

“The major difference I can figure out was that during the initial years in college my peers used to spend most of their time exploring and enjoying the college life whereas, along with that, I took out some time to study. I made sure to sit for 1-2 hours daily to learn new things. Thereafter, when we came to the third year, I was familiar with most of the things and just needed a brush up. While for my friends it was like breaking new grounds. So, this is what makes a huge difference.” 

How are you preparing yourself before joining Amazon?

“I stay in contact with my seniors who work at Amazon to get a hang of the technologies they use. Also, I am working on my basics so that I can eventually grasp and work effectively after joining the company.” 

What are the skills required to level up in Amazon? 

“As much as I have learned from my mentors, apart from the technical stuff which is crucial, one needs to be very good at documentation as well. This skill is something that one needs to learn and inculcate in themselves in order to climb up the ladder.”

Your uniqueness in your own words 

“For that I would like to start from my school days. I wasn’t good at academics and there was a time when I did very poorly and my parents were devastated. Since that day I decided to never look back and change positively in life. From there on, I always start by preparing a plan for the next few months in which I decide my targets and work accordingly. This has always helped me, be it during JEE or placement preparations. My habit of sticking to my plan has worked in my favour.”

Strategy to overcome the professional challenges

“The most and the foremost strategy that I follow is to come up with a plan. I try to gather some background knowledge about it and what is the level of hard work required to achieve that. Thereafter, I follow it for a week and analyse the outcomes. Following that I prepare the plan for the next few months and try to maintain a routine.”

Any career building ideas for the budding coders 

“One of the important things I would like to share is that most of them make a mistake of opting for coding by coming under peer pressure. Wherein, one can get an idea of what they want to go ahead with after the second or third year in college. Over and above that, they don’t give much importance to web development which is certainly not the right thing to do. For placements, both coding and web development is important. It’s just that one needs to figure out which is their strongest point.”

Any philosophy that you follow in life 

“The success mantra which I follow in life is – Slow and steady, wins the race! I believe even if you start today giving an hour of your day to something you really want to learn , slowly and gradually you will be far beyond than your competitors.”

Message for the Ninjas’ family 

“For all the faculties and the management, I would like to extend a huge thanks for all the guidance throughout the journey. Also, along with the paid courses, they are creating free guided parts and questions based on the sheets which are helping the students who cannot afford the purchasing the courses. With the help of this initiative various students are able to grow their skills without any fear which is an amazing step taken by the Coding Ninjas team.” 

Summing it up!

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