Meet the Ninja Alumnus

Meet the Ninja Alumnus
Meet the Ninja Alumnus

Mistakes are the seeds from which trees of knowledge grow. While acceptance and courage are the nurturer of the tree. So, why not make courage and acceptance the trend of 2023. In yet another success story, we have a beautiful journey of Prince Mehta. Let’s dive deep into it to know more about him. 

About Prince Mehta 

Being a native of Rajasthan, Prince has completed his BTech in Computer Science and Engineering from the prestigious Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology situated in Bhopal. Currently, he is associated with Amazon as a SDE 1. 

Prince was very kind enough to share his journey with us. He wishes to contribute for the betterment of the current students for which he has shared multiple ideas to go ahead with.

Journey with Coding Ninjas

While speaking to us, Prince shared that he opted for a couple of courses from Coding Ninjas. Out of which, one was the Data Structures and Algorithms course by Pareek Jain and a machine learning course by Ankush Singla. For him both the courses were informative in itself. It helped him boost confidence and build up his resume as well.

How are you making the most of the lessons learned at Coding Ninjas ?

“The two courses which I enrolled in prepared me to be a problem solver. It gave me great guidance on building my analytical skills and understanding the concepts from the roots. Usually at Amazon, we work on projects which require these two skills to get them done. By taking the courses, I have learned a lot and it is still helping me tremendously.”

What did you do differently to get placed at Amazon? 

“Usually I focused on the skill set which was required for the role.  Also, I used to discuss my strategy with my seniors who work at Amazon. Getting feedback from them proved to be very useful for me. It helped me channelize my preparation in a much better way.”

What does a typical day at Amazon as a SDE 1 looks like? 

“Generally, the answer to this question varies from one folk to another. For me I usually start my day at 11 AM. I have a couple of meetings till 1 PM and that’s subjective to our team. Post that most of them go for lunch and are back by 3 PM. From 3-6 PM I allocate the time for discussion with the SDEs, if I want to have them on any projects. Post 6 PM,  I take a break and in the late evenings I sit for my personal tasks as it keeps me away from distractions. So, that’s how a usual day at Amazon looks like for me.”

What are the skills required to climb up beyond the role of a SDE 1 at Amazon? 

“At Amazon they follow the leadership principles. Everything we work on or every action we take is based on one or the other leadership principles. So, sticking to those leadership principles helps you to climb up the ladder at Amazon. Apart from the work which you have been allocated, you have to go beyond that. Let’s say you are working on a project A and later you find that there is a bug in project B , so you shouldn’t have to wait for someone else to come and fix it, you need to go, take the ownership and fix it. This also expands your horizon at Amazon.” 

What makes you unique on a personal front?

“I am someone who is not afraid to accept mistakes or challenges in life. I believe acceptance allows you to focus on the improvement rather than sticking on it.  Moreover, it gives you the energy to implement solutions and work on the doables and the controlables that you have in the situation. So, I think accepting the situation gives me a personal edge.”

What are your strategies to overcome the challenges? 

“It’s been one year since I entered the corporate world. Understanding the system and services is still a challenge for me, however, discussing them with your peers can really be of great service.  Go out with them,discuss how they work and what helps them to tackle such hardships in work. I believe these kinds of healthy discussions broaden your perspective and in a little effort you gain a lot.”

Any career building idea for the budding coders

“Most importantly, problem solving is one of the skills that one should work upon. Apart from that one should be ready for handling every situation. You never know what kind of a challenge can strike upon you. You have to be a solutionist and find ways to fix the problems.”

School of thought that you follow

“I focus on the next step in a given situation and emphasis on how to implement that. These are very underrated things but have a huge impact on one’s life.”

Message for the Ninja family!

“Being associated with Coding Ninjas I have learned that they make decisions by keeping in mind the student’s viewpoint, which is very rare. Today, businesses are fighting over to win the rat race and it’s very uncommon to find someone who considers taking others’ perspective too. With this it gains trust and I would say Coding Ninjas should always remain the same.” 

Summing it up!

Hope you enjoyed reading Prince’s success story! If you too want to share yours then do reach out to us at