Meet the Ninja Alumnus

A massive wave of emotion flows through our hearts when we hear our alums expressing how special Coding Ninjas has been for them. We not only take it as a compliment but as a token of appreciation as it adds feathers to our cap. One such alum is Shivansh Jaitley, who has left no stone unturned to make us believe how much he appreciates the Ninja family. Let’s get into the blog and know about his journey a little more.

About Shivansh

Shivansh describes himself as a confident, expressive and dedicated individual. He has completed his BTech from Vellore Institute of Technology. After graduation, he has bagged an opportunity to work with Accenture as an Advanced Application Engineer Analyst.

Journey with Coding Ninjas

Like any other fresher in college, Shivansh was naive and didn’t have any clue about the importance of Data Structures. When one of his peers suggested he should take the Data Structures and Algorithms course from Coding Ninjas, Shivansh gave it a thought and enrolled in it. 

He shares how hard he worked throughout the course. From attending the video lectures to making notes, he has done it all. For Shivansh, clearing his interview with Accenture has been possible because the questions asked were from what he learnt during his course. 

Moreover, before joining Accenture, he had a gap for a few months and wanted to make the most of it. So, he opted to work as a Teaching Assistant at Coding Ninjas. Now, he is not only an educational mentor but also handles over 150+ students. 

Are the lessons learned in Coding Ninjas still helpful?

“Yes. When I got selected for the Teaching Assistantship at Coding Ninjas, I felt that it was my opportunity to share the learnings which Coding Ninjas has given me. While assisting the students whenever I get stuck,  I make sure to study the concepts in depth and make them understand in the simplest ways possible. At times, the notes which I prepared helped me a lot. Moreover, if you share the knowledge, knowledge will be squared”.  

What did you do differently to get placed in Accenture?

“I dislike people passing comments when you take a step forward to enhance your skills, so when I took the course, I kept it to myself. When Accenture came with a huge package, I mostly stuck to my notes which helped me clear the interviews. I feel there’s nothing much which I did differently, but at the same time, you need to play wisely to be one step ahead of the crowd.”

How a typical day at Accenture looks like?

“My position is Level 11.  I am a new joiner, and like every new joiner,  I am going through my training as of now. At first, they share basic training modules, which include portions related to software engineering, Java, and RDBMS,  which we need to complete in 28 days. After completing the training, we are allocated to work on different projects.”

What sets you apart from the crowd? 

“A lot of people hesitate to speak in front of the crowd. Being a student ambassador of my college, I used to take seminars in my college and malls in front of hundreds of people, so I believe I am not shy to explore new skills in life. Secondly, I don’t support leaving things in between just because your ‘want’ is achieved. Like many, I didn’t leave my course in between  after getting placed, because to succeed, you need to gain knowledge any day.”

What are your strategies to overcome challenges in life? 

“I remember one of the incidents when I was not able to complete a task in a given timeframe. Instead of panicking, I simply went to my manager and asked for more time so that I can start again and finish with the expected result. After this, I set up a routine and hold on to it until I completed the task. Simply put, I feel setting up a routine can help you come out of any problem.” 

Career-building ideas for budding coders

“I would recommend that before entering the corporate world have a good grasp of Data Structures and Algorithms. Secondly, work on your confidence. Speaking confidently in front of the interviewers can make a huge impact. Lastly, never lie to the interviewer; they catch it.” 

Success mantra for life 

“Respect your time, and time will always respect you”. 

Message to the Ninja Family

“I have a heartfelt connection with Coding Ninjas, and being associated with them as an educational mentor makes me the happiest person. If any day I would get a chance to work with them, I would grab the opportunity to”.

Summing it up!

Hope you enjoyed reading Shivansh’s success story. If you too want to share your story, write to us at