Meet our Ninja Alumnus

Meet our Ninja Alumnus
Meet our Ninja Alumnus

Do you think not having a BTech degree can stop you from bagging a job at a top tech company? Well, we don’t think so!  You must have heard the quote, “Where there is a will, there is a way”. In this article, we will deep dive into the journey of Rohan Prakash, who with his relentless hard work made it to one of the best market players.

About Rohan

Majored in Biotechnology, Rohan Prakash is a graduate of Delhi Technological University, Delhi. Currently, he is placed at Oracle Clouds Infrastructure as a Member of the Technical Staff. 

Before joining Oracle, Rohan was associated with TCS for ten months. Moreover, we would describe Rohan as a jolly, hard-working, and focused individual. 

His journey with Coding Ninjas

“My journey with Coding Ninjas started back when I was in my second year of college. Being from a Biotechnology branch, I did not have anyone around me who could help me out with the coding. So, to get into the coding culture, I took up the course. My journey has been pretty amazing as it helped me to form the foundation of my coding journey”.

What are your key takeaways from Coding Ninjas?

“Coding Ninja has done wonders in helping me crack interviews. It made me interview-ready, and today, without any doubt, I can say, if you want to crack interviews, go ahead with it”.

“When it comes to the takeaways of the Competitive Programming course, I will say it’s not related to development. It helps you learn debugging and builds your logical reasoning skills. I will give you an example- let’s say you are making an API call where the user needs to give you time inputs. So, if you have logic building and problem-solving skills, you can easily think of what if the user gives a negative time and how you can tackle it”.

What did you do differently to get into Oracle Clouds Infrastructure? 

Rohan chuckles and says, “Getting into Oracle was not at all easy for me. I remember during placements, I was not allowed to sit for software companies”.

“I started my journey with TCS; however, as things didn’t work well, I decided to make a switch. I started preparing with the help of various other platforms to sit for interviews. That was the time when my friends supported me immensely. We used to solve questions together. To add on, I started giving mock interviews which in return developed my communication skills thoroughly. Also, I learned what other things the interviewer asks. Trust me; it wasn’t child’s play at all, I got rejected multiple times. But, as it is said, hard work pays off, and it did. I cleared interviews of Amazon, MediaTech, and Oracle”.

What does a typical day at Oracle Clouds Infrastructure look like? 

“Usually, every day starts with a scrum call, discussing deliverables followed by brainstorming sessions. Most of the time goes into debugging and deploying stuff. Currently, a lot of development work is under process at OCI. Due to which each and everyone from different levels, be it SDE 1, SDE-2 or SDE-3,  is participating in the design work”.

What sets you apart from others?

“In my opinion, being humble and the never give up attitude sets me apart from others”.

Career buildings ideas for the budding coders

“According to me, looking at the current recession, I think coding is not the only thing that will be required to crack interviews in the coming times. If you have development skills, you will be employed as it’s the need of the hour”.

“Furthermore, make a habit of asking questions. I remember, when I joined Oracle Clouds,  I used to hesitate to ask my doubts. I used to fear that it might make me look silly in front of others. Over time I realized it’s totally fine to be dumb at first than to continue doing the tasks the wrong way”.

School of thought that you follow

“I always believe that not everyone born on Earth is successful. Success always comes to those who work hard and pursue their dreams with utmost persistence, purpose, and dedication. Moreover, if you have a never-give-up attitude, success will be in your court”.

Message for the Ninja Family

“I have had a great experience learning with Coding Ninjas. I hope it continues to keep up with the good work always”.

Summing it up!

Hope you enjoyed reading Rohan’s success story! If you too want to share your journey with us then do write to