Meet the Ninja Alumnus

Meet our Ninja Alumnus
Meet our Ninja Alumnus

The journey towards success starts when you work to be a better version of yourself. The amount of time and energy you invest comes back to you in the form of huge achievements, and that is when life comes full circle. Let’s get to know about one such alum whose story will motivate you to work harder. 

About Aman 

Introducing Aman Kumar, who has completed his BTech in Computer Science and Engineering from Vellore Institute of Engineering. After graduating, he is now placed at Acko Tech as SDE 1. 

Journey with Coding Ninjas

At the beginning of his third year in college, he enrolled on a Competitive Programming course at Coding Ninjas. He remembers how grateful he was to meet such an amazing bunch of skilful instructors like Ankush Singla and Pareek Jain. Before joining the course, he was never into programming. 

According to him, the course helped him get his hands on the tough concepts in the simplest ways possible. With time not only his interest in programming grew, but he also completed his course with flying colours.

Soon after, as the pressure of placement season was in the air, he opted for an Interview Preparation course which included basic and advanced courses altogether. It eased his preparation for the interview and helped me revise. He got to experience different questions which were asked in the interviews. 

How are you utilising the lessons learned at Coding Ninjas in your corporate life? 

“Coding Ninjas has inculcated problem-solving skills in me, and through that, I can solve problems more efficiently. Secondly, it has taught me the importance of being consistent. The way to improve your coding skills is all about being consistent. It is because of my consistency I am being able to cope with the different demands of the corporate world”.

What did you do differently to get placed at Acko Tech?

“Honestly, I feel like I started early, which acted as a catalyst for my placement season. As I started at the beginning of my third year, I had two years to boost my skills. Moreover, after Coding Ninjas came into the picture, it has been of huge aid. Sticking up with the deadlines and doing every task given on time has immensely helped in upscaling my skills.”  

What makes you unique?

“I believe I am someone who researches a lot and tries to be one step ahead of my competitors any day. Apart from my daily routine, I solved problems on Codechef as most of its questions are on maths and implementation rather than basic Data structures and Algorithms. Solving those problems increased my level of confidence in me”.

What does a typical day at Acko tech look like? 

“Our day usually starts with team meetings and handing over the tasks like debugging or adding a feature to the codebase. Also, at times we assist in solving customer issues, which come through on-call tickets”.

What are your strategies to overcome challenges? 

“I believe, if you are stuck at some point in the given tasks, you need to devote your time and energy to it. Investing your time and interest can lessen the complexity, and you will understand where are you lagging. Furthermore, I would say asking for help can never go wrong. So, discuss with your seniors and colleagues if they can help you in any way. In this way, you will free yourself from the hesitation of speaking to others and build your professional relationships”.

Career-building ideas for budding coders

“There are two ways, in my opinion- firstly, you need to study to build up your knowledge to crack interviews with top companies in the market. Try to focus more on the Data Structures and Algorithms and solve some high-order thinking questions instead of solving hundreds of basic questions daily. You will need to be consistent for about 4-5 months to get a good grasp of all the concepts. Secondly, working on interpersonal skills carries weight. Building your communication and presentation skills will leave a positive mark in front of the interviewers”. 

What’s your success mantra in life?

“To have a routine and follow it religiously! This is one mantra that I believe can take you a long way. You will not imagine how much difference following a routine makes in your personal and professional life. Above all, it prevents your works to overlap with one another”.

Message for the Ninja Family! 

“My journey with Coding Ninjas has been amazing. I have been around such experienced instructors, and getting to learn from them has been truly beneficial”.

Summing it up!

Hope you enjoyed reading Aman’s success story. If you too want to share your journey, do write to us at