Meet the Ninja Alumna

Meet the Ninja Alumna
Meet the Ninja Alumna

When you carry confidence, it shows up in the way you communicate and through your sheer determination. Ruchika Wadhwa is one such alum of the Coding Ninjas family who denies abiding by anything less in her personal and professional journey.  Let’s dive into the article and know her a little more. 

About Ruchika

While in conversation with Ruchika, we discovered that she is one of the most determine, tenacious, and hard-working human beings. She is currently pursuing an engineering course at Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute in Mumbai. She belongs to the Electronics and Telecommunication branch and has furthermore bagged an opportunity to work with Citi Bank as a Technology Analyst. 

Journey with Coding Ninjas

Ruchika says, “I joined the foundation and Data Structures and Algorithms course in the first year itself. Since I was not from a Commerce, Science, or Information Technology branch, I thought buying a course would help me”. 

To be honest, the course is very well structured. The deadlines, the dashboard, and the rankings helped me maintain my consistency. Also, the concepts were well explained and evident. To cut it short, I would say my journey was great.”

How are you making the most of the lessons learned in Coding Ninjas? 

“After I got placed in Citi, I consulted with one of my seniors who works at Citi. She mentioned that the tech stack for Citi bank uses ReactJS and Angular for the front end. While for the backend, they use Spring Boot. That is something I am thinking to learn so that when I start my corporate career, it becomes easier for me to cope up there”.

Ruchika also mentions that since Coding Ninjas was her first online teaching-learning experience, she learned to master her detailed notes and rewatch the videos if something was not understandable.

“I vividly remember when I was unable to solve one of the problems based on recursion, I asked for help from the Teaching Assistants. They instead of solving the problem for me made me understand how to solve such problems”.

“I was astounded, realized the significance of it later when I was able to solve problems on my own. That is something I would take forward with me as a lesson”. 

What did you do differently to get placed in Citi Bank?

“Well, the preparation for interviews is more or less the same. The interviewers mostly ask about your projects, so you need to have in-depth knowledge about them and some basic questions about DSA, OOPS,  DBMS, and OS.”

“Apart from that, I would say confidence plays a huge role during interviews. You should always answer with confidence. Secondly, be thorough with your basics. I usually don’t bluff by giving meaningless answers, rather, I would say I don’t have any idea about it, and I will surely read about it.” 

“I remember, during the technical round of Citi, I was asked basic banking-related questions. The interviewer was trying to examine if I have basic knowledge of the terms related to banks. However, during answering the question, I included many real-life situations to explain, and this made them impressed”. 

Her uniqueness, in her own words

“I believe, my never give up attitude and sheer determination sets me apart from others. I remember when campus placements began in college, and most top companies had already recruited the best candidates. Citi Bank was my last hope as it was the only good company that came one month later. So, you can imagine how much pressure would have been there as everyone wanted to grab the opportunity. Despite that, I kept myself calm and prepared for the interview. 

“I had this faith in myself that If I had put in all my efforts and had the skills, things would be in my favour even when the odds were against me. Hence, I will say that my never-give-up attitude and utmost determination sets me apart from others.”

What does a typical day at Citi Bank look like?

“As I will be joining Citi Bank next year, I don’t know what my day will look like. However, when I asked one of my seniors, she mentioned that people in the office are cooperative and the atmosphere is inclusive”

What is your strategy to overcome challenges? 

“I belong to a small city in Maharashtra. I am the first individual to have pursued a career in engineering, as the rest are involved in the family business. Due to this, I had to do extensive research on which branch I should select, and which college I should get enrolled in. I was very clear about all the decisions I made, and I feel one should be crystal clear on their part about what they want and only after that they should go for it.

“Secondly, I always look forward. I don’t sit back with the downfalls in life. If you miss an opportunity today, another one must be waiting for you. I can recall there were a few semesters when my pointers weren’tDespitepite of that, I made sure to work hard and compensate those as having good pointers was one of the criteria for sitting in placements.” 

“Lastly, I would say be honest with your work. It makes you confident enough to present yourself ahead in life.” 

Career-building ideas to the budding coders

“So, as long as tech interviews are considered, one has to be technically sound. Secondly, one should solve at least one Data Structure and Algorithms question every day. You have to be thorough with your basics and on some days try to reach out to your seniors who are in the same field as yours to get some insights that will surely help you. Above all of these, networking is imperative”.

A school of thought that you follow

“First and foremost, I wholeheartedly believe that if you put your effort in the right direction with utmost honesty, it’s always going to be fruitful. Another quote that has stayed with me is – ‘Success in life comes when you simply refuse to give up, with goals so strong that obstacles, failure, and loss only act as motivation’”.

Message for the Ninja family

“I like to extend thanks to Ankush Sir and Nidhi Mam because I started my coding journey with them. They taught the concepts well, and it has helped me immensely.”

“You know there is always a dilemma about whether you should opt for the online classes or choose the offline ones. In the case of Coding Ninajs, I can say with confidence that I did not miss out on any concept. The questions taught were of high level, and I remember a very similar question being asked in the interview”. 

“To the students, I would say the Data Structures and Algorithms course is just the basic there’s a lot ahead of you”.

Summing it up!

Hope you enjoyed reading Ruchika’s success story. If you wish to share your journey with us then do write to