Meet Our Ninja Alumna

Meet our NInja Alumna
Meet our Ninja Alumna

A rejection might be disheartening, but it is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success. Though this alumna has faced multiple rejections, despite that, her self-dedication and hard work reached where she is standing now. Let’s dive deeper into Vartika Shakya’s story and know more about her. 

About Vartika

Vartika Shakya completed her graduation in Computer Science and Engineering from Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College, located in Ghaziabad. She is now associated with Adobe as an Associate Technical Consultant. 

Before joining Adobe, Vartika had done a couple of internships at startups and also as a Teaching Assistant at Coding Ninjas. She believes helping others who are in need makes her the happiest, and that’s the reason she is continuing as a TA at Coding Ninjas with her full-time work. 

Journey with Coding Ninjas

Earlier, when Vartika joined college, she was clueless about how to get started with coding. She vividly remembers the first year of her college, which was comparatively rigid; however, she sighs that she got through it.

While in her second year was concerned, she discussed her issues with her seniors. Vartika recalls, she asked what makes them so excited about coding, and it was then that she got a reply “Once you will start coding, you will get to know”. 

Astounded by their reply, she opted for a C++ course at Coding Ninjas to get her hands on the basics first. Initially, it was a tough row to hoe, but gradually things became smoother, and now coding is her favourite sport. 

Are the lessons learned still handy?

“You know courses like C ++ are not the ones which will be needed in everyday life. Instead, it teaches you how you can build your logical thinking skills. It helps you learn a proper approach to solving a problem. Though currently, I am not using C++ in my work, still it helps me to think logically and come to a certain solution. This also in return enhances your personality in some way or the other. So, the lessons learned at Coding Ninjas are handy”.

What did you do differently to get placed at Adobe? 

“ I would say that I started my journey a little earlier than others. I was very regular with my studies which played a crucial part in making me land such a huge opportunity to work with Adobe”.

What does a typical day at Adobe feel like?

“Basically, what Adobe does is it provides services to other companies. We take projects from other companies and work on their campaigns. At times, I feel so proud that in some way I am a representative body of Adobe, and for me, that is a huge thing”.

What makes you unique? 

“One thing that makes me unique is that I never take any work or study lightly. From the very beginning, after joining Coding Ninjas, I was always serious and consistent. Adding to that, I feel a sense of satisfaction in helping others. It’s like a habit, you know. Even today, I am doing an assistantship, and people tell me why to do that when I have a full-time job. Despite that, I feel that it gives me satisfaction and I will continue to do always”.

What are your strategies to overcome challenges in life?

“I have always been a book and a pen person. So, while hopping onto the digital form of learning wherein I had to make notes using the laptop, sitting for hours in front of it, I was challenged. I would thank the TA support, who always called me up and made me understand how to cope with such situations. I would say their never-give-up strategy is something which one should carry.”

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School of thought which you follow/ philosophy

“I have always believed that quitting early and pausing things should never be an option; if you are working towards a goal, give your hundred per cent, no matter what. Whenever I feel demotivated or don’t feel like working, I remind myself this – One hour of consistency can keep me 10 years ahead in life”.

Career tips for budding coders

“I would advise the students to never give up while they are trying. Secondly, do not demotivate yourself when you face rejection. ( Instead, work for something better than that. Never get disheartened by rejections they are a part of success. Lastly, never doubt your hard work.”

Message for Coding Ninjas

“Coding Ninjas holds a special place in my heart and will always do so. I remember when I joined Coding Ninjas, I asked my friends to tag along because it was that good, and they will not regret it. Whatever I am today, the fuel has been Coding Ninjas, and I am very grateful for it”. 

Summing It Up!

Hope you enjoyed reading Vartika’s success story. If you too want to share your journey, then do write to us at –