Meet Our Ninja Alumnus

Meet Our Ninjas Alumnus
Meet Our Ninjas Alumnus

Knowledge opens the door to new opportunities but the power to represent that knowledge leads to achievement, success, and wealth. In this blog, we have reached out to someone who has made knowledge his supreme power to cease greater opportunities that comes his way. Let’s get to know more about him. 

About Sanjay

Hailing from Bihar, Sanjay Kumar is a Computer Science Graduate from Cochin University Of Science and Technology. He is now placed at Cisco as a Software Engineer. 

Before joining college, he was preparing for JEE, unfortunately, he didn’t get a seat. Heartbroken but determined enough to never give up on his dreams, it is his knowledge and knowledge representation skills because of which he has bagged a placement offer from Cisco. 

Journey with Coding Ninjas 

Before joining Coding Ninjas, Sanjay describes, he wasn’t aware of which subjects to focus more on. It was when he attended one of its seminars that he learned about how important Data Structures and Algorithms course is for building thinking and logical ability. Following that, he joined CN and successfully completed the course. For him, the journey was quite smooth as the mentor’s support he received was satisfactory. 

Are the lessons learned in Coding Ninjas still helping you? 

“So, I will tell you about an incident, I was walking into a problem where the time complexity was more. I felt stuck. At that moment, I remembered about two pointer solution which I learned during my course. Without wasting any further time, I converted the problem into a two-pointer solution so that I can meet the deadline with a quality performance. Furthermore, I can say that the lessons learned are still of service”. 

What was different in your preparation which sets you apart?

“According to me it’s not about doing things differently, it’s more about knowledge and how you represent it. These are two different things. If you have the knowledge but lack representation skills, then the knowledge is of no use. You must know how to set forth your knowledge. I vividly remember I had my university exams due to which I had a lot of papers in front of me. I took the papers in front of the camera during my interview and explained to the interviewer the difference between stats and cues. I told them, if we keep the papers one over the other then it will be a stat and if we keep one behind the other it will be a cue. To my surprise, the interviewer was quite impressed as I used a real-world example that was easily understandable instead of the bookish definitions.” 

Your uniqueness in your own words

On being asked about his uniqueness, he gently sighs and shares – “I think when answering any question, I always make sure to make them understand with utmost accuracy. So, what I do is that I use real-life examples which makes it easier for them to grab what I am explaining. So, In my opinion, this quality sets me apart from others”.  

What do you like most about working at Cisco?

According to him, Cisco is one of the best places to work at. The time flexibility is something which he appreciates the most as its employees are not bound to sit for 9-5. A team can discuss and set a particular time and work accordingly. 

How do you overcome professional challenges? 

“Being a fresher, I rely upon my manager who is also my mentor. He is someone who never backs down from helping me even when we work late at night. So, having that transparency with my manager and interacting with him really helps me get good guidance from him”.

Career-building Ideas For Budding Coders

“There was a time when I used to keep moving from one language to other. When I attended one of the Coding Ninjas seminars, I got to know the importance of Data Structures and Algorithms. The main point is that there are a few subjects that one should learn to have knowledge of advanced languages. Lastly, I would suggest trying hands-on web development because it plays a crucial part in times when you’d develop a website or a web and demonstrate it to a non-technical person.”

School of thought that you follow in life

“I believe that if we keep hustling till the end, we will surely achieve our goal. The dedication and hard work we put in always turn out to be fruitful”. 

Message for Coding Ninjas Family

“Coding Ninjas has played a huge role in building and shaping my career. Without them, I wouldn’t have made it to Cisco. The work they are doing is something that I will always appreciate and will be grateful for”. 

Summing It Up!

Hope you enjoyed reading Sanjay’s story. If you too want to share your success story, then do write to us at –