Meet our Ninja Alumna

Meet our Ninja Alumna
Meet our Ninja Alumnus

Not a day goes by when we do not hear about the achievements of the alumni community. Their passion and dedication have helped them achieve what they dreamt of. One such commendable alumni is Sanya Dudeja. Let’s get to know her more in this article. 

About Sanya

Sanya Dudeja recently graduated from Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University with a BTech degree majoring in Information Technology. Sanya is very passionate and curious about computer science and technology. It is because of this she has gotten into the IT field. She is placed at Walmart as a Software Engineer.

Her Journey with Coding Ninjas

Like every fresher, even Sanya had no clue how to get started. It was then that she consulted with her seniors. The one standard advice she received from everyone was that to become a successful software engineer you need to have your basics strong. With the help of their recommendations, she chose to join the C++ along with Data Structures and Algorithms course. 

According to Sanya, Coding Ninja has helped her in three aspects. The first is,  it helped in getting her concepts and fundamentals clear. Secondly, the course is designed in such a way that it makes you interview-ready as the transition from lower complexity to higher is very smooth. The third is the wide variety of questions. The question bank has significantly improved her logical thinking ability and taught her how to approach real-world problems. 

What did she do differently to bag an offer from Walmart? 

Sanya has been very regular with her studies and she mentions that she was consistent throughout her course. Even before joining the course, she planned the number of questions she needs to solve every day. Apart from that, revision has really helped her as while grasping the new ones you often tend to forget the old ones. Lastly, it’s the habit of giving tests that allow you to know your weaknesses and grow further. 

Interview Tips from Sanya 

“I would suggest the students apply for the companies when they feel confident enough. Even if you don’t know how to code during the interview try to communicate your thoughts to the interviewer. The Interviewer doesn’t necessarily want someone who has excellent coding skills instead they want a person who can solve real-world problems. One another piece of advice I got from my senior which I would like to give to the students is that interviewer is not here to reject you instead they are trying to access your abilities and approach. So, you need to keep calm and try to make the interview as interactive as possible”. 

Sanya’s preparation before entering the corporate world 

“I am learning corporate communication and corporate email writing which we are never taught in a detailed way during our school days. I am also reading many stories from the corporate world through which I can gain insights about how it works, which again is very important”.

What makes Sanya unique? 

In her opinion, her ability to communicate and express what she feels makes her unique. Be it in your personal or professional life, communicating your ideas and opinions makes things transparent and eventually, you are valued as a team member. 

How does she overcome challenges? 

Though she had her share of ups and downs during her internship at Walmart,  the only advice that helped her to keep going was from her manager – “Be positive. Don’t worry about what is going to happen in the future. Stay in the moment and try to give your best at a task.”

Moreover, for her communicating what she feels is crucial. 

Message to CN 

“I would like to thank coding ninjas because nothing I am today would have been possible without the mentor’s guidance and support. For the students, I would like to give a piece of advice that believe in yourself. Because if you don’t, nobody will. You are way more talented and way more capable than you think. You have resources, time, and mentors, it’s just the courage that is in your hand, you just need to have the determination and discipline to travel the path of success, and the destination will be yours”.

Summing it Up!

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