How to Prepare for a Remote Job Interview?

How to Prepare for a Remote Job Interview?
How to Prepare for a Remote Job Interview?

Are you the one who is looking for remote job opportunities? And have you gone through such an interview process? 

Well, since the pandemic, remote job opportunities have increased.

If you are hunting for jobs, you must be familiar with the process; you get a call from the HR of the so and so company; they tell you, “hey, we like your profile and want to organise an interview,” and then they drop an online interview link.

Now, what after receiving that mail? Well, the remote interview is similar to regular interviews, but you need to keep certain things in mind and combat those. Once you combat those, then no one can break your confidence.

Just follow these tips-

Tips and preparation steps to ace your remote interview

1. Organize your space

Is your home office a mess? Look around; if it is, the hiring manager may fear you won’t be effective in a remote role.


Your home office needs to be clutter-free and noise-free. It should be an ideal working space, like one in the office. So, if you have children or pets, make sure they are occupied during your interview process.

The last thing you want is any distractions in job interviews, especially when it is remote because HR will be looking at the actual environment you’ll be working. 

2. Test your online interview setup

You don’t want any last-moment glitches, so test the specific platform that you are going to use for the interview. 

  • Do a test run on the specific platform. 
  • Ensure there are no unexpected errors, and
  • Familiarize yourself with the platform. 

Ask your lazy friends to help and do a dry run with them. Ask them whether they can see and hear you clearly. If not, run an internet speed test and pay close attention to the upload speed so the interviewer can see and hear you clearly.

3. Be ready to share why you’re interested in working remotely

If you are applying for a remote job opportunity, the employer will assume that you know this and find it tempting. You are not the only one applying for this. The number of applications for remote jobs has increased over the last 2 years.

Because people want freedom and flexibility, you should expect one or two interview questions about what you think of working remotely.

Now, what should be the reply to these questions? No one can tell you a better answer than you because you know your life. We can give you some ideas, and if it is applicable to you, then you can use them.

It’s okay to mention work-life balance, the fact that you’re more productive at home, or whatever else motivates you to work remotely. Just be honest.  

4. Review your recent accomplishments and successes

You should be familiar with your recent work accomplishments because the employer will ask you about them.

You should be confident about your work and don’t hesitate too much to answer these set of questions –

  • What were you responsible for in your most recent position?
  • Mention challenges have you overcome recently?
  • What is your greatest achievement in your life/career?

You can answer these questions confidently if you review your resume and make sure you are familiar with the work. 

It may sound obvious, but if it’s been a while since you wrote your resume, you may have forgotten some details.

5. Write down 3-4 questions for the interviewer

At the end of the interview, the interviewer will ask you, “Do you have any questions for me?” and you do not want to be the person who says, “No.”

If you don’t ask any questions, then the interviewer is simply going to think that you are not that interested in this profile. You’ll win more jobs if you ask some great questions to the interviewer. 

You can learn so much from the job interview by asking questions. Here are some questions you can ask-

  • How is your performance going to be measured?
  • What are the company’s training and remote onboarding process?
  • Team and company goals for the upcoming year.

You reached the end; we assume you read the above thoroughly. If you’ve then; you are ready to ace your interview. And if you need help, you can reach out to your BFF CodeStudio!