Meet our Ninja Alumnus

Meet our Ninja Alumnus
Meet our Ninja Alumnus

Nothing can beat the results of hard work and perseverance any day! Just like that, we have someone from our Alumni community to share his experience and journey in grabbing a job opportunity from one of the top market players in India. Let’s get to know Yash Madwanna. 

Introducing Yash

Yash Madwanna completed his M.Tech in Computer Science Engineering from NIT, Surathkal, Mangalore, and is now working at Oracle India as a Member of the Technical Staff. 

His Experience With Coding Ninjas

Back in October 2020, a few months before the placement season was about to begin, Yash started his journey with Coding Ninjas. As suggested by his peers he went through a few courses online, and it was then that he discovered Coding Ninjas.

By going through the video lectures on the website, he found them pretty simple and easy to understand. He even mentioned how smoothly the transition from the basics to the advanced part took place.

Being an easygoing student, the assignments and tight deadlines have helped him complete the course with good results. Moreover, he thanked the faculties of Coding Ninjas for the encouragement and the constant push to do better, which got him to Oracle India. 

How Did Yash Make It To Oracle?

On asking Yash how and what he did differently to get such a huge placement offer, he shared, “The common part remains to code. Apart from coding, being well versed with the basic concepts of the core subjects really helps. Object-Oriented Programming (OOPs) is one of the main subjects which counts. Over and above that, I did some basics of System Designs, which I feel was the key in cracking the interview with Oracle”. 

What Makes Yash Special?

Someone said, “ Consistency is what transforms an average into excellence,” and Yash has lived this quote by being thoroughly consistent during his preparations. Furthermore, he also mentioned that revising concepts and never skipping a day adds to the process significantly. 

Get To Know How A Day At Oracle Looks Like

There are two domains, Server Technology and Application Engineering. Yash belongs to the Server Technology team. So, the server technology team works on the middleware of the software and develops something from the scratch. Now whatever the server tech team develops- the application engineers then work on them and build the software.

Overcoming Challenges! 

For Yash, communicating with new people is a huge challenge that he needed to work on and is still working on the same. He tries talking to people in his office and in the team so that he can overcome his hesitation in communicating. According to him, before entering the corporate world, one needs to develop people’s skills and networking skills, always. 

School Of Thought That Yash Follows

“Consistency is the key to success. Stay focused, and great opportunities will come your way eventually” 

Message for the Ninjas from Yash

“To peers and students, prepare well. Don’t forget to make notes & to-do lists. Try to stick to them as much as possible, and you will be amazed to see the results”.

Summing It Up! 

We hope, you enjoyed reading Yash’s journey in this blog. If you too want to share your story with us, do write us at –