Practical tips to stay alert and focused while coding

Practical tips to stay alert and focused while coding
Practical tips to stay alert and focused while coding

Somedays, when you are trying to work, and you just can’t concentrate. You look up ways to focus and ask around your friends for tips on how they concentrate. As an example of such a job, coding is the core activity that developers perform, which requires a high level of concentration.

In a world full of distractions, it becomes difficult to stay focused while coding. Make yourself aware of distractions and take action to resist them. There are several time management tools that can help you boost your productivity and concentration. 

Here are some simple factors that can help you improve your effectiveness at staying alert and focused while coding-

1. Know your optimum Time to Code

You need to choose a perfect time to code. Don’t start coding when you are tired, sleepy, or unmotivated; this will reduce your productivity by 10x times.

Start coding when you are feeling refreshed and alert. If you are struggling to find your optimum time, experiment with yourself until you find your perfect timing for coding.

Make sure you are getting enough sleep; your sleep cycle and daily routine influence your time to code. You might have to squeeze it between your other tasks. 

2. Ditch the distraction

What are some things in the world that can easily distract you? Well, the first thing that comes to mind is your phone. As soon as you start coding and your phone starts ringing, you’ll pick up and see who called or texted, and it can easily take up an hour. 

So to get rid of this distraction, put your phone in silent mode, and keep it out of sight. Other such distractions can easily break your concentration, and for those distractions, you need to find similar solutions. 

3. Decide your to-do before your session begins

Before you begin, decide what are your targets for the session. Not only does this save you time at the beginning of the session, but the process of making decisions on its own can exhaust you as well. You will then have trouble maintaining focus for the rest of the coding session.

When deciding on the goals that you want to achieve during the session, ask these questions, and it will help you set your goals easily-

  • What project you’ll be working on?
  • What type of activity will you be doing? Is it adding a new feature, refactoring, bug fix, or documentation?
  • Which tasks are high priorities for you in this session?
  • At the end of the session, what is one major goal you would like to accomplish?

4. Work on achievable bite-sized tasks

Analyzing major tasks and breaking them down into bite-sized chunks makes it easier to tackle each task one at a time. 

By breaking your task down into smaller chunks, you’ll be able to trace your progress and create a positive impact through motivation.

Working on tasks that appear approachable will immensely improve your motivation, which helps you focus better while coding.

5. Play music to help you concentrate

Music is not only for entertainment, but it calms you down and helps you to concentrate. 

It’s best to play instrumental or background music for those who enjoy listening to music, although everyone has different tastes.

But remember, this does not apply to everyone; some might find it easier to concentrate in complete silence.

Coding requires concentration, and you can utilize several techniques to remain focused.

The ability to concentrate is affected by factors such as your well-being, your ability to plan, and your discipline to avoid distractions. A positive attitude and a plan will also help you stay alert during your coding sessions.