Meet Our Ninja Alumna

Meet our Ninja Alumna
Meet our Ninja Alumna

Meet our Ninja Alumna

“Starting a journey itself is like completing half of it,” says Yashika Agarwal, one of our members of the Alumni Community, and we couldn’t agree more. 

At Coding Ninjas, we aim to see our students and alumni fly high in their professional journey, and we feel extremely delighted and proud to celebrate their achievements. This is the story of Yashika working as an SDE at Walmart Global Tech. Let us know some more about her. 

About Yashika

Yashika has completed her Engineering in Information Technology from Netaji Subhas University of Technology, Delhi. She considers Coding Ninjas to be a great part of her journey so far.  

On being asked what makes her unique, she says it’s her willingness and determination to complete what she started that makes her different from others. She says leaving a task in between has never been an option for her. 

Journey with Coding Ninjas

Back in 2018, when she joined college, she would feel a void and felt like missing out on a lot of topics as she didn’t have computer science as one of her subjects in her high school or even the basic programming knowledge that all her peers around her already knew about. 

One of her seniors suggested she should join Coding Ninjas, which might help her. That’s when she got to know about the platform and eventually enrolled herself in one of the Data Structures courses in her second semester itself, which she considers to be one of the productive decisions she made early in her journey.

Yashika’s thoughts about the courses 

According to her, the courses Coding Ninjas offers are evergreen and concept oriented. She says whenever she is preparing for her interviews, she just has to scroll through the questions that she has done previously and Voila, she gets well versed with the concepts again.

What did Yashika do differently from her peers to get placed at Walmart?

There are two things that she has done differently, which most of them miss out on while in college – first, starting early. She took a course in her second semester that added value to her portfolio and helped her significantly get better job opportunities. 

Secondly, making connections with seniors is what she says is the most important thing as they can help you out and can guide you all way long. 

Lastly, she believes it’s the hard work that counts at the end of the day! 

Seizing Opportunities

Yashika took advantage of the opportunities at Coding Ninjas and completed an internship as a Teaching Assistant. She mentioned that assisting students and debugging helped her clear her concept, as most of the interviews are based on. 

Yashika’s Mantra for life!

She strongly believes that “starting a journey itself is like completing half of it.” Making the first move is crucial, and that’s what matters most, and everything else will start falling into place eventually. Just have the courage to start working on what you are passionate about.

Her strategy to defeat failures in life

Yashika falls under the category of people who choose never to give up. For her, failure is just the start and not the end of the world. If something happens in her favor, that’s great, and if not, it doesn’t change anything about her; she is as good as she was before. 

A little message from Yashika for the Ninja Fam! 

“I think Coding Ninja is doing a great job. Even the new concepts that are coming up are worth exploring, and it’s really helping the students who otherwise would have left unguided or so. It’s a great opportunity for the students to collaborate with Coding Ninjas and make use of the amazing courses and teachers there. 

Summing it up!

Hope you enjoyed reading Yashika’s story. In case you are also a Coding Ninja Alumni and would like to share your story, then please do write to us at alumni@coding

We would be delighted to celebrate your milestones achieved.