Meet our Ninja Alumnus

Meet our Ninja Alumnus
Meet our Ninja Alumnus

We at Coding Ninjas consider ourselves very fortunate to have our Ninja Alumni Community which is our source of pride and happiness on an everyday basis! One such member of the ever-growing Alumni Community is Devam Dhingra. He is currently associated as an SDE in JPMorgan Chase & Co. Let us know some more about him. 

About Devam

He belongs to the CSE batch and recently completed his B.Tech from SRM Modinagar. 

His joining with JP Morgan is around August 2022. Devam is dedicated, practical, and knows his game well. He does not hesitate to climb the ladder of success at his own pace while making the best of his corporate journey! 

Journey with Coding Ninjas

He wanted to take up coding and by the end of his second year in, one of his seniors suggested he take up a course to expand his chances of landing a better job. 

“I was browsing the internet one day and came across Coding Ninjas. I dug deeper and enrolled in one of the courses. Initially, it was a roller coaster ride for me as I was exploring new concepts. However every single time I was stuck a Teaching Assistant was always available 24*7 to ease things out for me. Indeed, I had a fruitful time with Coding Ninjas!”

Interview Tips 

Devan chooses the ‘honesty is the best policy concept and motivates aspiring corporate figures to be transparent and straightforward when they do not know the actual answer to a question. “There is no point in trying o project something else when you really do not know the actual answer. This not only wastes the interviewer’s time but also deducts your brownie points’’ 

Secondly, he suggested that if a student is mentioning a particular project in the resume, then s/he should know each and every detail about it. In his words “Be thorough with your concept, literally!”

Devam’s Way To Upskill Himself 

He believes in balance to be crucial. During the pandemic, he made ‘each day goals’ and tried his best to achieve them by the end of the day. Keeping his personal space completely divided from his professional growth is something that was done with quite a bit of calculation and it definitely paid him well. 

His Strategy To Overcome Challenges 

He falls into the category of people who believe that strong preparation can sort out all wrinkles. In his words “Once in the middle of one of my academic presentations, a panelist asked me to change the algorithm. It was challenging as this instruction came out of the blue. However, I could tackle it well as I knew my game and I prepared thoroughly before my presentation”

Devam’s Most Followed School of Thought and A Message for The Ninja Students

He says “There are three words that go on and on in my mind – Keep On Hustling!”

Hope you enjoyed reading Devam’s story. If you too want to share your journey with us, then please write to us at: alumni@coding